Which Options are Best for Treating Persistent Back Pain?

One of the most familiar complaints of physical discomfort is back pain. Anyone can be impacted by back pain, including children and adults. Injuries, accidents, poor posture, and incorrectly lifting heavy items can all lead to this issue. If you’ve had back pain for more than a fortnight, despite OTC pain relievers or applying heat or ice, consult a back pain relief doctor.

Sprains and strains on the posterior muscle and ligaments are one of the most common causes of back pain. Lifting a heavy object also puts a heavy strain on your back. This is because you’re using your back to lift, instead of your legs. Continuous poor posture can also cause certain muscles to strain. If you suffer back pain when lifting your leg to put on socks, it could be due to sciatica, lumbar disc herniation, or even lower back strain.

To avoid future back problems, maintaining a good posture is key. Together with exercises that strengthen your core and back muscles, and using correct lifting techniques, you can avoid back pain.

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Herniated disc repair

The American Chiropractic Association reports that nearly half of all Americans experience back pain every year. If you’ve ever suffered from this particularly unpleasant and persistent malady, you know how it can creep into your daily routines and wreak havoc on your plans. Sleep is harder to come by. Sitting for extended periods becomes a harrowing challenge. Work, especially when it’s physical labor, devolves into a nightmare.

Back pain is caused by a number of factors, and most of the time, those factors can add up to a few different problems all occurring simultaneously. For example, injuring your back through repeated heavy lifting at work (or at home) can cause chronic neck pain as well. Treating these types of problems depends largely on pinpointing what, exactly, they are, and the best way to do that is to consult your doctor when you first start having issues.

Treatment of Spine Problems

One of the most common spinal issues is a herniated disc, sometimes referred to a slipped disc. Typically caused by heavy lifting, slouching, other posture problems and accidents and injuries, a herniated disc results from a tear in the fibrous portions of the spine. This results in the inner portion of the spine’s ring slowly creeping out, causing intense pain in the back. In terms of herniated disc repair, a doctor will likely recommend physical therapy which strengthens your core, allowing for fewer instances of pain stemming from the discs in your back. In other instances, however, surgery is a necessary option for lasting back pain and neck pain relief.

Another common back pain issue is sciatica, a collection of symptoms affecting the lower back, buttocks or foot or leg. Most often, the pain in these situations is caused by compression of the sciatica nerves, which can often lead to a “pins and needles” sensation in the lower leg or other, more uncomfortable pain in the midsection. Bed rest is often prescribed to treat sciatica, but in terms of a more active approach, chiropractic care can also be administered for sciatica relief.

The Benefits of Massage

Though physical therapy and chiropractic care can both do well in terms of treatment of spine problems, there’s another pain-soothing option that can also help achieve headaches and tension relief in the process. In fact, according to a WebMD study, this particular method of care can help cut persistent lower back pain out of the equation. If you’re feeling the burn in your back (or your head), it might be time to book yourself some time off in order to experience a soothing massage.

The WebMD study showed that relaxation massage — also known as Swedish-style massage — can even be more helpful to patients experiencing lower back pain than general over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen. That’s good news, because relaxation massage is just about the most popular form available right now. Additional studies have shown that massage can help lower chronic migraines, headaches and tension in the neck muscles as well.

As you can see, whether you’ve got a tight neck or a throbbing lower back, treatment of spine problems comes in a wide variety of options. It’s all about picking the one that’s best for you, as agreed upon by your doctor. That way, you can become part of the other half of Americans — you know, the ones who sleep soundly through the night. Read more here.