When The Emergency Room Isn’t An Option Choosing Your Affordable Local Urgent Care Clinic

Tacoma urgent care clinic

Your health is important. How are you taking care of your physical and mental well-being this year?

New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult to keep up with, but the gift that keeps on giving is good health. While you consider all the personal changes you can make to your diet, consider jotting down local urgent care centers in your area. Not only are these useful resources for any form of healthcare, they’re highly cost-effective and can even see you saving hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars this year. How so? Let’s talk about the function of the walk in urgent care center and what it means for flu shots, preventative care and more severe injuries.

What Is The Urgent Care Medical Model?

Urgent care medicine is a rapidly growing field in the United States for its low-cost model and highly flexible approach. In fact, it may just be the tipping point for American healthcare as we know it. It’s important to note that a multicare clinic can combine the efforts of an urgent care clinic with more intensive services. Each and every clinic will have unique standards and operating times, so checking with your local resources in advance will save you a lot of trouble when you need help. Over 85% of urgent care centers will be open throughout the week, though some close at night.

What Illnesses Are Treated At A Multicare Clinic?

Are you feeling under the weather? Drop by your urgent care clinic and ask for a check-up. Some of the most common symptoms brought to a medical care clinic are headaches, nausea, chills, the common cold and the flu. The last one, in particular, can be complicated by lowered immune systems, age and stress. Your urgent care clinic will provide you with yearly flu shots as well as additional preventative care to ensure your health is sound year-round. It’s estimated Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds every year, with around 20% of that population also obtaining the flu.

What Injuries Are Treated At Urgent Care Centers?

It’s scary coming down with a sprain, burn or cut. An urgent care center will make sure you’re tended to as quickly as possible so you can get back to work. Four out of every five urgent care centers in the United States provide fracture care. It’s estimated there are over 20,000 physicians currently practicing urgent care medicine, meaning you will always be in good hands when you drop by your preferred location. Other injuries brought to the average walk in urgent care center include minor cuts, severe cuts, burns, poison ivy infections and poison oak infections.

Can I Seek Out Preventative Care?

Preventative care is just as important as a walk-in appointment. Becoming sick too frequently can wear down your immune system and lay the groundwork for more illness down the road. Alongside managing your diet and squeezing more exercise into your week you should consider visiting your urgent care center for preventative care. This includes yearly flu shots, STD screenings and basic check-ups. Urinary tract infections account for over eight million visits to family doctors every year. The benefits of a walk in urgent care center include short wait times and speedy treatments.

How Will I Save Money?

The biggest barrier to affordable healthcare is cost. Americans find themselves losing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars going to the emergency room when they could instead visit the urgent care center. Over three million patients will visit their urgent care clinic every week, so make the transition as soon as possible to keep yourself stress-free this year. The emergency room is a last resort that should only be used for life-threatening illnesses, injuries or allergic reactions. As of now the most common diagnosis brought to urgent care centers is upper respiratory troubles and wound repair.

Save yourself money and stress as you work your way to a better you. Reach out to your walk in urgent care center and set up an appointment this week.