What to Know About Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you have any ailment that involves the heart, chances are, physicians have already suggested you about having cardiac rehabilitation. We will break it down for you if you want to know what is cardiac rehabilitation offered by cardiopulmonary rehabilitation centers.

What is cardiac rehabilitation? It is an all-encompassing plan in which a patient has undergone an acute period following a significant event after being discharged from the hospital. It includes:
• Behavioral management
• Nutrition Guidance
• Substance Abuse guidance (If present)
• Overall strategy for providing those recommendations for a preventive cardiology lifestyle.

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Who is a good candidate for this procedure? This procedure is for people who have recently or have a history of a heart attack, major heart surgery involving valves, bypass graft surgery, heart failure, and other heart procedures. It is one of the most critical and highly recommended care plans after undergoing treatments, surgeries, or procedures.

When should a patient enter cardiac rehab program? Doctors recommend having your rehab within the 30 days following your discharge.

Is cardiac rehabilitation the same as pharmacotherapies? Data shows that patient who has undergone cardiac rehab and exercise training has identical/similar results compared to patients who solely relied on medication with their condition.

What about patients who don’t have cardiopulmonary rehabilitation centers nearby? Ask these centers whether they offer any remote cardiac rehab involving technology or online programs that may provide information about your condition.