What to Do About Excessing Sweating

The human body secretes sweat as a means of cooling the body down, and this water on the skin will absorb heat and then allow itself to be evaporated. Without sweat, the human body would overheat, and that could be dangerous. Having a lot of bare skin makes sweating highly effective for the human body, and by contrast, dogs only have sweat glands between their toes. Dogs are known to pant rapidly to remove heat from their bodies through air, but human beings make use of sweat instead.

However, like many other functions of the body, a person’s sweat glands may be stricken by medical conditions that disrupt their function. Heavy sweating is a medical condition that affects nearly 1-3% of the American population, and they may look up methods of how to stop excessive sweating and cure excessive sweating. Why might they be constantly sweating? If a person is always sweating, the most likely cause is what’s known as focal hyperhidrosis. Some eight million Americans suffer from this condition, and Americans with hyperhidrosis may sweat four to five times as much as a typical person might. On average, a person has some two to four million sweat glands working as the body’s cooling system, but a person with hyperhidrosis will produce far too much sweat with those glands. What can be done about this condition? Making use of iontophoresis machines may help, and such iontophoresis machines may be readily available on the market.

Dealing With Excess Sweat

Hyperhidrosis is believed to be a genetic condition, and around 30-50% of all people who have it have another family member with that condition. This condition is known to equally affect men and women, and most often, it appears in peopled aged 25 to 64 years. Over 90% of surveyed people with this condition have said that hyperhidrosis affects their emotional state. In one particular survey, most patients said that sweating excessively hampered their confidence and their self-esteem. After all, sweat is natural but also can cause body odor and may be unappealing to look at, and a person suffering from excess sweat may be upset by how they appear (and smell) to others. But there is a solution. Modern iontophoresis machines can be used to scale back a person’s excess sweating.
What does this treatment entail? Today’s iontophoresis machines are fairly simple, involving a pan or two of shallow water that will have mild electric currents running through it. The user may put their hands or their feet into these shallow pans and allow electricity to run through their bodies. This is nothing to be concerned about; the electric current is often too mild to even be felt. But of the course of multiple sessions, the user may find their condition scaled back, and someone who started using it may undergo two or three treatments per week to get some results. Such a session may last for about 1-20 minutes or so. It may be noted, though, that the water needs to have electrolyte minerals in it so that the current may flow more freely. If the results are minimal, the user may sprinkle in baking soda to provide enough electrolytes for sufficient results. Most often, plain tap water can be used for this machine.

The cost of iontophoresis machines is nothing to be concerned about in many cases. The user will likely want a safe and effective means such as this to combat their hyperhidrosis, and such a machine may last a long time, even decades if used properly. This can make it a fine long-term investment for the user.