What is Coolsculpting and How Does It Work?

What is Coolsculpting and How Does It Work?

Every person struggles with their “problem areas” – those places that just won’t slim down or tone up. No matter how hard you exercise and how healthy you eat, these spots just refuse to flatten out to where you’d like them to. Luckily, there is a process called cool sculpting that works diligently to freeze fat and flatten out these problem areas. While cool sculpting works over time, it can reduce subcutaneous fat up to 25% during the first treatment. For every following treatment, the fat reduces more. Also, the results are shown over time, so a patient may not see the results right away. Patience is key with cool sculpting but pays off in the long run, as fat cells are literally frozen away. This simply means that the fat cells are damaged and will no longer be present in the body.

Just as a reference, when a person loses weight, the fat cells shrink. These fat cells are still present in the body and can expand again over time. During cool sculpting, the fat cells are diminished. So, the best way to obtain non surgical weight loss for a lifetime, is with cool sculpting.

Safe Cosmetic Solutions for Expecting Mothers and Post-Partum

Even pregnant and post-partum women want their skin to look and feel beautiful. When it comes to hair removal, there are lots of safe methods. The largest issue that expectant mothers face is, with their expanding belly, the difficulty of maintaining body hair. A bigger belly means being less capable of doing things on their own, on a regular basis. Shaving is safe, but may be dangerous as what is being done cannot easily be seen. With all hair removal, seeking a professional to aid in hair removal treatment may be necessary for pregnant women. They are able to see what is being done and are trained to handle those that are expecting and post partum. The biggest downside of waxing, laser hair removal, or other hair removal methods is how sensitive a pregnant or postpartum woman’s skin become. Consulting skin experts is the best idea when looking for hair removal during pregnancy and during the post partum period.

How to Prevent Sunspots and Keep Skin Looking Young

The absolute best way to prevent sun spots is wearing sun protection while outside. Sun block with a high SPF works great, and wearing sun hats and cover ups in addition work even better. If possible, avoid being outside during peak sun times, but if you can’t, sit under a covering. As aging is inevitable, methods to keeping the skin looking young are possible. Keep the skin soft with gentle exfoliation and hydrated with facial oils. Regular treatments and routine keep skin in its best shape in the long run.