What Happens When You See a Chiropractor

Chiropractor services are a great way to minimize your discomfort, speed up healing, and make even avoid surgery. About 31 million people in the United States are experiencing back pain at any one time, and half of working people will suffer from back pain at some point during the year. Over 27 million people in the United States will seek out chiropractor services in a given year.

Those chiropractor services are doing good for people: workers who are injured on the job find themselves 28 times less likely to end up needing surgery on their spines if their first contact is with chiropractic care rather than a typical MD. Because chiropractor services are so effective, everyone of the NFL’s 32 professional teams uses chiropractors to treat injured players and provide preventative treatments to minimize the possibility of injury for players at the highest levels.

Now you know that some of the chiropractic benefits: but do you know what to expect when you have your first visit?

Your First Visit

When you first seek out the help of chiropractor services you’ll start with an interview. This could be over the phone or in person, but during this time you’ll learn about your chiropractor and he or she will learn about you.

You’ll find out what philosophy drives your chiropractor and what types of services he or she can offer. You’ll help them understand you and what you’re hoping to achieve out of treatment. To be prepared, come ready to discuss:

  1. How and when you first started feeling pain
  2. Where exactly you feel pain
  3. Any injuries or activities that immediately preceded your pain
  4. How the pain feels to you: throbbing or sharp; constant or intermittent

Next Steps

Next you should expect chiropractor services to take a look at your body as a whole. This will include blood pressure, respiration, reflexes, muscle tone, general strength, and your range of motion. Your chiropractor will also gently manipulate the injured area to determine what is wrong and how much it can be moved.


In some cases, your chiropractor services provider will want to order a test to take a deeper look. Although chiropractors frequently do their work without an MRI, X-ray, or other similar type of test, these are sometimes necessary in order to get a full understanding of you and your injury.


Once your chiropractor understands your injury, he or she will be ready to give you a diagnosis about what is wrong, what chiropractor services will help to correct the problem, and how long it should all take. You can always ask for this information in written form so you can take it home and understand it better.

Almost 30% of the American population have low back pain that limits their daily activities. This doesn’t include people with neck pain or other types of back pain. If your pain is limiting your quality of life, why not see what chiropractor services can do to help you?