What Happens During an Eye Exam

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Eye exams are important to maintain healthy vision and overall health. But what actually takes place during an eye exam? This video shows one child’s visit to the eye doctor and shows what takes place.

The first thing the eye doctor does is measure the eyes of the patient. The doctor uses an instrument that the patient looks into.

The patient focuses on the object in the distance and the doctor gets a good reading.

The patient then moves to the chair for further tests. The doctors will ask the patient if there are any problems they are experiencing with their vision. Then an eye test is performed. One eye is blocked at a time and the final test is to use both eyes. This lets the doctor know what the visual difference is between the two eyes and how they work together.

The doctor will also test the close-up vision with reading tests. The eye muscles are then tested to see how good the reflexes and movement of the eyes are. Next is a depth perception test that is conducted with special glasses, similar to 3D glasses.

For more information on eye exams, check out the video in the link above.