Two False Facts on Urgent Care Centers

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One of the most confusing industries in America is that of the medical industry. Think about the fact that many people will take to google to search symptoms and illnesses because they have such a limited knowledge of the medical industry and the procedures involved. Instead of doing this, when you feel sick you should definitely visit an urgent care facility.

Urgent care facilities range from urgent care treatment, walk-in clinics, walk-in urgent care centers, walk-in medical care clinics, and many other types of facilities. Even those facilities are highly functioning and are well respected by professionals in the industry man Americans do not trust them or are prone to question their abilities.

This is amazing to discuss because there are so many facts surrounding this industry that many are not away of. For instance, did you know that about 85% of all people in America are allergic to poison ivy? Or the fact that cold symptoms often last from 48 hours to 14 days and that on average someone can recover from a cold within the first ten days of having it? If you did not, then you should read on about urgent care centers and two commonly believed lies.

They Treat Injuries

At a walk-in clinic, the most common diagnosis was an upper respiratory condition in the year of 2012. This makes many believe that these types of facilities are only designed to help people with colds but this is not true. In that very same year of 2012, these types of facilities most common procedure involved some form of wound repair.

right now in the United States, there are currently 20,000 physicians who practice medicine for walk-in clinics. This means that there are going to be at the very least one physicians at a walk-in clinic located near you and if you suffer from an ankle sprain you can seek help from the people working at the clinic. Understand as well that 20,000 people will sprain their ankle each day. This may seem overwhelming but they can be helped because four out of five walk-in clinics provide some form of fracture care.

They Are Incredibly Reliable

85% of all walk-in facilities are open every single day of the week. This is an absolute rarity in the world of business as not many businesses can say that they are open seven days a week. Now yes, there are convenience stores and smaller businesses open seven days a week, but rarely will a facility that requires the type of staffing as a walk-clinic requires can maintain enough people to be open seven days a week. However, they have to open seven days a week because according to the to Urgent Care Association of America, there are an estimated 3 million patients that can visit these types of facilities each week.

In Conclusion

If you need to get immediate help for your illness then you should seek help from the urgent care. Now, let us not be silly here. If you are someone who has been severely injured or believes you need to go to the emergency room do not mess around, get there immediately. However, if you have symptoms of a cold or don’t feel all too well you can go and visit an urgent care facility. They will be able to get you in and out quickly, all while getting you the best treatment that is possible.