Tracking the Health of Your Baby Is Easy With Smart Baby Monitors

Running sensor

New and experienced parents alike can benefit from the latest health tech that puts the tracking of their baby’s movements and environment right into the palm of their hands. What will ultimately be the best baby monitor for your family is dependent on which aspects of your baby’s health that you want to track and monitor. There are two devices offered by Withings that cover different physical and environmental factors, and which may be ideal for your monitoring needs.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

The Smart Baby Monitor primarily specializes in allowing you to visually monitor your child, no matter where you are, as long as your mobile device is connected to the internet and the monitoring device is as well. The monitor also tracks motion, room temperature, humidity, and noises. There are several alerts that can be set to give you a heads up if any of those environmental characteristics reach a level that calls for some interference on your part. If the humidity is too high, or the room is too warm or cold, the device will send a message to your mobile device so that you can go and make any necessary adjustments.

Withings Smart Kid Scale

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is a wireless scale
and weight tracker with a companion application that can bring a whole new awareness to you, as your baby grows. One of the most convenient features of this device is that it will automatically record new weights as you measure your child, making tracking their progress about as simple as it can get. Additionally, the app allows you to log feedings, so that you can see how your child’s nutrition intake corresponds to your child’s development. If you want to compare your child’s progress to typical weights for babies of his or her age, the app will provide that information as well.

Parents, whether raising their first kid, or their second, or third, know how much anxiety can be tied to the health of their children. A smart baby monitor can help to take some of that anxiety out of parenting by measuring nutrition and growth, as is the case with the wireless scale, or by allowing a parent to see that their child is comfortable and at rest, as is the case with the monitor. Health tech products might be just the right tool to help you keep an eye on the current health and progress of your growing child.