They Asked Their Vets What? Here Are Some Crazy Veterinarian Requests

medical equipmentA human’s love for their pet is indescribable and often priceless. In the U.S., 62% of households own a pet, with 46.3 million households having dogs and 38.9 million households being cat people. It is no secret that our animals are our best friends — they’re members of our family — and we will do anything humanly possible to ensure they live a happy life full of treats and cuddles.

So what do we do when our furry friends become sick? Since they can’t tell us what is wrong, we go to our trusty veterinarians who alongside their medical equipment try to do their best to fix any malady that comes up. Typically, pets need vaccinations, de-clawing, and removing small growths, but sometimes, the requests veterinarians get can be hard to believe.

Read on to learn some outrageous veterinarian requests.

1. Male dogs get neutered and female dogs get spayed. That’s just how biology works. However, veterinarians are often asked if they can neuter a female dog because it is cheaper.

2. Many pet owners board their dog at their vet’s office when they go on vacation. One vet remembers a client requesting that the vet techs put a picture of the family in the dog’s crate so they won’t forget who they were.

3. One vet remembers a client saying her cat was high because it was urinating on mothballs, creating meth. No catnip to be found here!

4. Sometimes, due to medical circumstances, a dog or cat’s tail must be removed. One pet owner requested a private cremation and burial of their cat’s tail once it was surgically removed!

5. A client once asked a vet to dress up as a woman , because her dog didn’t like men!

6. One pet owner informed their vet that they must refer to the dog as ‘Mister’ until he got to know them. Then, once the dog felt comfortable around the veterinarians, the owner would inform them when it was okay to use his given name.

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