The 3 Best Devices and Gifts for People With Hearing Loss

Updated 1/27/21

Our hearing is one of the most valuable senses we have and one of the greatest gifts we possess as humans. Unfortunately, there are many hearing loss conditions that can cause a person to lose some or all of their hearing. Some happen slowly over time as we age, some are caused by sudden medical conditions, and others are the result of an injury or other type of trauma. Hearing loss in older adults is the most common type of hearing loss people think of. However, it can happen to anyone at any age. Hearing loss in men, women, young people, and even children is more common than many people think. Individuals suffering from some form of hearing loss need audiological service providers to help them protect their remaining hearing and to try and help offset the severity of the loss that they have already sustained. Implants, hearing aids, and other services can help improve hearing for those individuals. If you or a loved one is dealing with some form of hearing impairment, then hearing loss information from an auditory specialist in your area can be exactly what you need to protect your hearing starting right now.

In a developed country like the United States, just two or three out of every 1,000 babies are born with hearing problems. Yet hearing loss becomes more common as we age. One in six baby boomers has a hearing problem, while three in 10 people over the age of 60 have hearing issues.
If someone you love is suffering from a common hearing problem like tinnitus or age-related hearing loss, then there are some incredible devices on the market today. And we’re not just talking about assistive listening devices, either. So if someone in your family is struggling with hearing loss, here are three incredible gift ideas that can seriously improve their quality of life.
Best Gifts For Those With Tinnitus: Night-Time Sound Machines
Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing ears. This stressful hearing condition can be caused by head injuries, medications, and age. But while the idea of having ringing ears might sound mildly annoying at worst to most of us, people with severe tinnitus say it’s like torture, a nails-on-chalkboard sound that never, ever stops. In some cases, the ringing is so prevalent that it leads to insomnia.
Fortunately, countless people suffering from tinnitus have found relief at night by using noise machines. In the same way that a fan or white noise helps some people fall asleep, sound machines can help people with tinnitus sleep better at night. In fact, it can be one of the best ways to help people with tinnitus.
Best Gifts For Those Who Already Have Hearing Aids: Assistive Listening Devices for TV
Often, once someone finds a hearing aid they like, they stick with it for life. Of course, like every other piece of technology, hearing aids have gone digital. If your grandma or grandpa is resistant to upgrading to digital hearing aids, remind them how easily they can connect to devices like televisions. Today, rather than buying separate assistive listening devices for TV, digital hearing aids act as both. The best affordable digital hearing aids on the market today can vastly improve quality of life. That’s because assistive listening devices for TV literally connects people to the world around them, TVs included.
Best Gifts For Those Struggling With Hearing Loss For the First Time: Your Support
Americans can be proud and stubborn, which keeps some people from getting hearing aids. Here’s a sad fact: among seniors over the age of 70 with hearing loss, only 30% are taking advantage of the hearing aids that would help them. That number is even lower among younger demographics! So if one of your loved ones is struggling with hearing loss but is resistant to getting help, the best gift you can give them is to convince them to try hearing aids.
Try talking openly about the benefits of hearing aids, and let them know you don’t care that they need help hearing. You can also do research and find hearing consultants and specialists in your area that are taking on new appointments.