Take A Moment To Relax What You Should Know About Spa Products

In the United States, Americans become stressed for a variety of reasons. Our jobs can give us stress. Our schedules can give us stress. Financial problems or worries can give us stress. Let’s face it, life isn’t easy. However, when life gets difficult, stressful, and overwhelming- there’s something you can turn to. This something is the spa! The spa is home to relaxation. One look inside and the stress and worries of the day melt away. The features and options offered to you at the spa is a guaranteed stress reliever. If you’re a spa owner who is trying to de-stress your clients, here’s what you should know about spa products. Ready to increase the relaxation of your guests?

Massage Supplies

A massage is one feature you need to offer your clients at any spa you own. In fact, during a survey, 88% of individuals believe that a massage is beneficial to one’s overall health and wellness. If you’re looking to better your customers’ health, and decrease their stress, a massage is what they need, as soon as possible! Now, there are massage supplies and tools that a massage therapist needs.

Massage Tables: Massage tables may seem like an obvious form of equipment for massage therapists. However, there are many different options to choose from. First, there’s a basic massage table. A basic massage table consists of retractable wheels, a strong stable lift mechanism, and a dependable motor. Yes, it’s electric! The powerful electric motor lifts clients effortlessly, silently and smoothly. It is solid and dependable at any height, so you do not have to worry about your clients possibly falling off the table. It’s extremely comfortable, which is beneficial to your client’s stay and relaxation. It’s efficient, and offers your clients superior performance!

There’s another form of massage tables you can purchase for your spa. This is a portable massage table. A portable massage table is lightweight and comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors, heights, and materials. Additionally, you can choose what type of headrest you’d like. They come in two different forms; wooden or aluminum. However, it does not matter which form you choose, your customers will still have an ideal massage experience with portable massage tables.

Oils, Creams, And Lotions: These spa products are very necessary for the best possible massage. Massage creams and lotions come in a variety of scents, glide, and friction, and they typically absorb into the skin. They’ll make your client’s skin feel cool, which will add to their relaxation. In terms of massage oils, they are an essential lubrication agent for a broad range of massage modalities. Massage oils are natural warming agents that are great for keeping the client warm and comfortable. They can come in different, pleasant aromas, or can come unscented for those who do not like certain scents.

It is important to note that there are different treatment products you can buy for specific massages, such as hot stone massages, herbs and wraps, and thai massages.

Manicure And Pedicure Supplies

Another offer your clients will desire (for relaxation) at a spa is a manicure and pedicure. Whether they enjoy having their fingernails and toenails painted continuously, or they need them done for a special occasion, manicure and pedicure supplies at your spa is essential. For manicures there are various supplies you should purchase for your business. There are service trays, manicure arm rests, professional acrylic and gel nail remover tool, nail polish palettes, brushes, gloves- and so much more! For pedicures you can purchase callus and cuticle removers, foot baths, toe spacers, foot files, and pedicure soaks- just to name a few.

Products To Sell At A Spa

Lastly, there are different products to sell at a spa. Some products to sell at a spa involves packages. You can send your customers home with packages filled with products to sell at a spa. These products can include nail polishes from a pedicure service, sunscreen after a facial, or bath salts after the client received a foot massage. Products to sell at a spa include gift cards! You can place gift cards in bundles of products for your customers during holiday seasons!