Shaving Beards and Hair For Trendy Men

Men’s grooming is a bigger and more nuanced industry than some may realize. Hair care, skin care cream, deodorant for men, shaving accessories, and head shaving cream are all in demand items for today’s well groomed men, and any guy can get the right shave, trim, or skin he needs with the right products and simple know how so he can look his best. Shaving one’s head does not have to be tricky or painful, and neither does beard trimming or shaving. And a skin care kit for men can make any guy look fresh and younger, and on top of his game. Head shaving cream and razors are just the start.

The Size of the Industry

The worldwide market for men’s grooming is expected to grow between the years 2012 and 2024. In fact, by the end of that time frame, that market is expected to be worth close to $29.14 billion USD in sales of creams, razors, brushes, and more. A lot of this shopping is, in fact, done in person at local stores, maybe for the personal touch: 80% of men’s grooming product sales, worldwide, were in brick and mortar locations. And for men’s shaving goods alone, the American market is expected to climb 10% to $3.37 billion by the year 2020. Plenty of men today have the fuzz to need these products; today, an estimated 39% of American men have facial hair, which represents growth of 15% from just five years ago.

The Right Products

Skin cream can keep a man’s skin looking fresher and younger, and often works to moisturize it at the right time and even remove dark circles from under the eyes and prevent wrinkles. Meanwhile, specialized shampoos freshen hair and remove unwanted oil, dirt, and more for shinier and smoother hair of any length or color. Traditional beard shaving involves a whole kit, from mens shaving oil to shaving cream and a good razor. Wetting the jaw with warm water and applying pre shave oil is a good start, and once the cream is applied, a razor is guided from the temples to jaw slowly and smoothly, removing bristles and hairs along the way. As a bonus, men can use a small, handheld brush in a swirling motion on the beard to loosen up the hairs and make them easier for the razor to catch. Finally, aftershave can prevent razor burn and make the skin smell its best.

Aside from that, head shaving cream is a part of any man’s kit for head shaving work. According to Men’s Journal, a good, sharp blade is the first component of any good shave, and the type of razor is up to the man’s preference. First, the man cuts his hair with an electric razor down to the shortest length he can manage, and preferably, the hair is still visible so he can tell if he misses a spot. And like with jaw shaving, it is best to wet the head with warm to hot water, such as in a shower. This relaxes the hair and helps prevent razor burn.

Next, pre shave oil is applied to the head, just like with jaw shaving to further prevent razor burn. The next major step is to apply head shaving cream everywhere on the intended shaving area, and beginners are advised to use clearer cream so they can see contours or moles on the head and adjust the shaving accordingly. Now, the razor is applied to the scalp and shaves the air, and men are advised to do this slowly and evenly, and to finish one area before moving on to another so a thorough job can be done. Having multiple mirrors is advised for parts of the head not easily seen in the bathroom mirror. A few extra tips include shaving with the grain and gently pulling the skin taut so nothing is missed. As the razor or blade builds up cream, it should be rinsed off with hot water to keep it clear. Finally, an aftershave lotion or balm keep the skin fresh and razor burn free, although products with alcohol in them are discouraged, as they can dry out the skin.