Replacement Timelines for CPAP Machine Supplies

Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machines have helped change the lives of many with sleeping problems. CPAP machines are often used to help those suffering from sleep apnea. This condition can cause someone to have difficulties breathing throughout the night. That being said, medical suppliers often recommend regularly replacing certain parts of your CPAP machine. In this post, you’ll learn the timeline for replacing three types of CPAP supplies.

  • CPAP Mask Cushions

    The cushions on your CPAP mask make direct contact with your skin. Therefore, it’s easier for these materials to need replacing faster than the mask itself. The skin is full of oils that can begin to clog up mask cushions. Most experts recommend replacing mask cushions once every two months. Keeping these cushions replaced regularly ensures that you’ll always use a mask with a snug fit.
  • Machine Tubing

    CPAP machines utilize tubing to distribute air from the machine to your mouth. That being said, these tubes can become worn down as time passes. It’s recommended that CPAP tubing is replaced at least once every three months. This helps to ensure you’re always utilizing tubing for your CPAP machine without tears or clogs.
  • Chinstraps

    It’s also important to regularly replace the straps on your CPAP mask. These straps are meant to secure the mask over your face. That being said, these straps can begin to lose their structural integrity over time. As this happens, straps might not be able to provide a secure fit. In most cases, these straps can be replaced less frequently. You’ll want to consider replacing these items once every six to nine months.

In conclusion, it’s important to regularly replace your CPAP machine supplies. You’ll find that these items can be found at a medical supply store. Many needing CPAP supplies Houston TX personally visit stores in their area. If you do this, you’ll be able to ensure that you receive the right replacement medical supplies for your CPAP machine in person. Those needing CPAP supplies Houston TX will want to visit a reliable and trustworthy medical store. This allows you to speak with a professional, helping to ensure you’re having the best experience with your CPAP machine.