I Need A Doctor Detox Admitting You Have A Problem Is Your Most Important Part Of The Recovery Process

It’s not easy to admit when you need help managing an illness.

Telling yourself, “I need a doctor detox.” is your first step toward managing your symptoms and living a higher quality of life. This goes for just about any minor to severe issue you can have, from mental illness to a drug dependency. These health conditions aren’t shaken off in a day, particularly if they’ve gotten to the point you can’t live your life like you used to. The best family doctor can provide you a proper diagnosis and set you on the right track toward recovery. The list below will explore some of the more common illnesses affecting American adults today.

“I need a doctor detox.” can seem like a scary admission. Let a little knowledge take the sting out of asking for help.


Mainstream drinking culture can take a turn for the worse. When you find yourself admitting, “I need a doctor detox.” after one too many nights where you binge drink, it’s more than possible you’re dealing with the onset of alcoholism. Alcohol is considered the most common drug problem in the United States. It’s estimated 20% of college students today meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder, with 50% of American adults in general reporting one or more close relatives having a drinking problem. Common signs you have alcoholism include drinking multiple times per week, never turning down a drink and a family history of the disease.


Mental health, just like physical health, needs to be tended to carefully. It’s why you make sure to take breaks in-between chores and get a little extra sleep when you feel yourself starting to burn out. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in the United States, affecting an estimated 40 million adults. That’s nearly 20% of the American population. Anxiety can take the form of panic attacks, racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, maladaptive daydreaming and obsessive behavior. Lesser-known signs include insomnia, irritability and constantly ‘zoning out’.


The only other form of mental illness more common than anxiety is depression. This can be a difficult illness to admit to, thanks to the social stigma surrounding mental health and the still pervasive lack of awareness on its symptoms. Common signs you may be struggling with depression include failing to find joy in previously beloved hobbies, neglecting your social life, oversleeping, binge eating and lethargy. It’s thought as many as 80% of individuals with depression do not seek out professional health. This means many turn to alcohol, pain medication or unhealthy living habits in an attempt to cope.

Heart Disease

The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. This is caused by a variety of different factors, including poor lifestyle habits and a diet heavy in saturated fats, sugar and harmful cholesterol. Today two-thirds of American adults are significantly overweight or obese. Side-effects can include heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. While losing weight can be possible with a little exercise and a dietary change, keeping it off can be another battle entirely. This is why many reach out to family practice doctors and doctor weight loss centers to help.

Hormone Imbalance

One issue you may not be aware of is the hormonal imbalance. Easily written off as another underlying issue, a hormonal imbalance can leave a serious impact on your life. It’s thought nearly 15 million American men today are struggling with low testosterone. Over 90% of men with low testosterone will also not receive treatment for their condition. When you realize, “I need a doctor detox.”, you open up the avenue to get to the root of your issue and create real change. A simple boost in your hormone levels can give you more energy and significantly improve your mood.

A detox doctor can help you. Visit an alcohol detox center or mental health center today to see how you can start living a little better.