Pros and Cons of Piyo

Weight loss coaches

There is no doubt about it. America is a country obsessed with being thin. Its on tv, in magazines, even on the news. This level of obsession leads to poor self esteem or worse in many individuals. That is not to say that this emphasis is necessarily all bad, especially given some other size obsessions one can find in this country: Extra Large, 2-Liter and King Size for example.Given the unhealthy eating habits and sendentary lifestyle many practice, some push in the exercise direction is no bad thing, as long as it is done in the right way and with the right work out. One new workout plan getting a lot of buzz is the piyo workout, and the piyo before after pictures are impressive. Here is an overview of what it is as well as some pros and cons.

  • What It Is: Piyo is essentially a fitness plan that combines pilates and yoga, hence the name. The speed is ramped up, but it still manages to remain low impact. You order the piyo system, which gives you a number of workouts as well as a diet plan to follow along side the exercise regimen.
  • Pros: This is a good program for beginners, no complicated moved you need to work years, or at least months, to master. Similarly, the workouts are not as long as are those in some other programs, with the longest hitting 45 minutes. As well as being low impact, these moves will increase flexibility due to the yoga influence. This adds even more appeal to beginners of many ages.
  • Cons: The workouts have fast transitions, often with no advanced warning. That can be incredibly frustrating, especially to beginners. Also, these workouts have an odd tendency to be unbalanced, with one side of the body being worked more than the other.

Whether someone is swayed enough by Piyo before after photos to try the system or not, practicing some sort of regular exercise regimen is vital for good health and lengevity. However, never be lured by the extremities in media either. Live healthy and happy, which means living the way your body is, not the way someone else tells you to be.