How Intermittent Catheters Can Help the Seniors in Your Family

With the onset of old age, a number of health issues and problems can start to manifest in many people. This is why seniors in the family need a lot of care, especially when it comes to problems that hamper daily living. These health problems might make a number of everyday tasks much more difficult and there exist a number of medical solutions that can be employed to ease the lives of seniors in these circumstances. Problems with normal bodily functions like the passing of urine can be common in old age, and this is where the use of medical resources like intermittent catheters can be an excellent solution that you can explore for the seniors in your family.

Urological problems constitute a large part of health problems that usually come with the onset of age. These problems can make the passing of urine difficult. Since it is such an important and usual bodily function, this can represent a major inconvenience for a lot of seniors. The retention of urine can also significantly increase the risk of primary and secondary infections and have a number of other health implications. This is the reason why it is important to find a quick and easy solution to this problem and this is where access to the right urology supplies and solutions can make a major difference.

When it comes to urological supplies that can make life significantly easier for seniors, one of the best things you can use at home with the elderly is an intermittent catheter. Catheters are devices that are designed to help fluid drain from the body when a natural draining process is not possible. While specialized catheters are routinely used in surgical settings and postoperative care, an intermittent catheter can be one of the best options for home use. This represents a quick and easy way to complete an important bodily function and can bring to the table significant advantages over having a permanent catheter in place.

A permanent catheter needs to be left in place permanently for it to be able to perform its function. Leaving any foreign object inside the body for too long can dramatically increase the risk of infection. In fact, urinary tract infections resulting from catheter use can be quite frequent and quite serious. This is where intermittent catheters can really help. Since they are meant for one-time uses only, the risk of infection can be reduced and the activity of draining urine can be accomplished easily, often by the seniors themselves. It is important to learn about how these function if you are looking to find a solution for the seniors in your family.

An intermitted catheter works based on a simple principle. It is designed for single use during which it should be placed through the urethra inside the bladder and it can help empty the bladder by draining it of urine. After this single use has been accomplished, this kind of catheter is usually disposed of and a new one used the next time the bladder needs to be drained. While the process of inserting the catheter through the urethra might take some time getting used to, this can be a safe and sanitary approach to accomplishing this important bodily function. In fact, a number of seniors take care of this process themselves. Incapacitated seniors can also use intermittent catheters with the help of caregivers or family members. The minimized risk of infection is what makes the use of these important resources a pleasant prospect for the elderly.

If you are looking for a safe, secure way to facilitate this very important bodily function for the seniors in your family, taking a look at intermittent catheters can really be a viable option. Following the advice of your doctor can help you reach a decision and find the right product that can provide the results required with comfort and ease of use. With the use of the right catheter, life can become significantly easier for the elderly. It can also help minimize the risk of infection while ensuring protection from the ill effects of retaining urine in the body.