How A Lavender Heat Wrap Combines Warmth And Aromatherapy For The Perfect Therapy Session

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Trying to work while chronic pain is nipping at your heels is a real ordeal. All you want to do is your best job so you can go home and wind down the night alongside your family, right? For those who have a stiff neck or an aching back to contend with throughout the busy week, a lavender heat wrap is your new best friend waiting in the wings. Designed with a combination of traditional aromatherapy with medically conducive heating techniques, a little relief is just a microwave session away.

Before you lay down and try to sleep on that aching back, check out the top five reasons you should look into a heated neck pillow or lavender heat wrap this year.

Work Stress Is No Joke

Where do all these stiff necks and painful lower back problems come from, anyway? Turns out a major source of these issues are from work. The National Institute For Occupation Safety And Health (also known as NIOSH) has reported as many as 40% of American workers saying their job is ‘very stressful’. Another two-thirds of both women and men have said work has a noticeable impact on their stress and they need to take a mental health day on the regular.

Too Much Tension Can Lead To Sleep Disorders

Constantly trying to stretch out the pain isn’t a long-term solution. Even if it sounds good at the time! In fact, if you have stress that goes on unchecked for too long you can develop a host of more serious conditions that can really impact the quality of your life. Nearly 60 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder, ranging from insomnia to sleep apnea. Whether or not you have a sleep disorder can be better determined by a sleep professional.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Think that’s all there is to it? There could be some solutions right under your nose…literally! A clean environment is proven to make you more relaxed, more comfortable and even enhance your sense of well-being. The National Sleep Foundation recently conducted a survey and saw over 80% of respondents rating the comfortable and clean feeling of both their sheets and bedding as an important ingredient for good sleep.

Oils Have Been Used For Centuries

You may be wondering, “Just how does a lavender heat wrap contribute to the healing process?” Look no further than a little history. Essential oils have been used as therapeutic solutions for over 6,000 years. Ancient Chinese, Indian and Roman cultures used them in cosmetics, perfumes and even drugs to reduce pain, encourage mental wellness or just smell nice. Lavender is frequently linked with warm and pleasant feelings, while mint is proven to reduce anxiety and lemon can be a great pick-me-up. All of this and more can be condensed into a shoulder heat wrap.

You Can Finally Start Feeling Good About Everything Again

When you get yourself a heated back wrap or a lavender heat wrap, you’re getting yourself an option to turn to when the pain is too much. Workplace stress causes over one million American employees to miss work on a regular basis. When people don’t get enough sleep or find themselves in a constant state of anxiety? This can lead to increased rates of depression, lost jobs and difficult social lives. Perk yourself up one session at a time and try a heat wrap next time you’re aching for some peace.

Your health will thank you!