Going for an MRI Scan? Here’s What to Expect

radiology centersIf you or a loved one is in need of MRI scans, you should visit experienced radiology centers before your treatment in order to properly prepare for your MRI.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to provide detailed images of the brain, head and neck, or other parts of the body. MRI scans can detect a number of serious conditions early on that would require continued visits to treatment centers in order to prevent serious health issues from occurring. If you or your child is having an MRI brain scan, the radiologist will search for anything alarming like cysts, tumors, swelling, bleeding, infections, or any structural and development abnormalities.

What to Expect
After visiting radiology centers and having an MRI scheduled, you’ll most likely be instructed to avoid eating for two or more hours before the test. In addition to limiting your food intake prior to the test, you should also be aware of any metal fasteners or metallic designs on your clothing. If your clothes have any metallic designs on them, for example, the radiologist will most likely ask you to change into a medical gown in order to avoid tampering with the MRI scanning machine.

It’s recommended that you show up at least 30 minutes prior to the exam in order to give yourself plenty of time to complete an MRI screening form and fill out any additional paperwork with the receptionist.

You can expect the entire process to last between 45 minutes and one hour, although certain procedures can be over sooner or last even longer. Keep in mind that the only thing that you’ll be required to do once the testing has commenced is to lie still for the duration of the test. If your head is being scanned, you might be required to hold your breath for a few moments as well. Don’t be alarmed if you hear any strange sounds, either, as these noises are all part of the machine’s process.

Having any medical procedure done can be stressful and sometimes even a bit scary. But if you are honest with your radiologist and other medical professionals, ask as many questions as you need, and do a little research, you should be fine and completely prepared for any MRI test.

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