Five Advantages Of Talking With A Virtual Doctor

Picture this scenario: you’ve got a nagging medical issue that’s been bugging you for a couple of weeks. You know you need to do something, but you don’t want to sit and wait in the emergency room and don’t want to go to a 24 hour urgent care. You really just want to get in and see your primary care doctor.

If you’re one of those people who wishes that they could walk right in to the doctor’s office and see your doctor In time at all, there’s good news. A virtual doctor can be just the help you’re looking for.

Virtual doctors and the field of telemedicine have seen a steady rise in popularity as people look for ways to receive strong and convenient medical care. Recent studies have shown that at least 52% of respondents were willing to use virtual healthcare in order to see their provider. What’s more, the telemedicine or virtual doctor industry projects to be worth more than $36 billion by 2020.

Now you might say, ‘I like seeing my doctor in person. I like talking face-to-face. But the harsh reality of healthcare is that doctors are busy and they get swamped with work. In fact, a general physician in the U.S. gets more than 3,500 visits a year and specialists receive about 2,700 visits. Within all those visits, doctors only spend about 13-16 minutes with a patient, so try as they might, they may not be able to give everyone as much time as they would like.

That’s where telemedicine and talking to an online doctor or virtual doctor comes in. When it comes to getting convenient medical care, telemedicine offers many advantages including:

  • Treatment options: One of the best ways telemedicine offers convenient medical care for patients is by offering on-demand care for some illnesses. If you’ve got a cold for example and get a go-ahead from a virtual doctor, you can go to a local pharmacy and get the medicine you need, especially if you can’t get in to see a doctor in person..
  • No waiting: Let’s face it: scheduling and going to a doctor’s appointment can be a hassle. Trying to squeeze it in on a lunch break or taking time off work isn’t always easy. A virtual doctor makes your life easier. You can schedule virtual appointments for times that work better for your schedule, you’ll get seen faster and you can have your teleconference in private.
  • No need for child care: As any parent knows, it can be a real chore taking your kids with you to the doctor’s office. Fortunately, telemedicine eliminates that source of stress by allowing you to have a conversation with a doctor right at home, where you don’t have to deal with your kids in a public setting.
  • Getting advice from specialists: If you need to see a specialist for a specific medical problem, telemedicine offers the chance to talk to a specialist or virtual doctor without having to travel a long distance to do. Let’s say for example that you’re having some issues with your kidneys. Instead of driving quite a distance to see a specialist, you can have a teleconference or video conference with a nephrologist right from your dining room table.
  • Staying healthier: Another big benefit of telemedicine is that you stay healthier. Even though doctor’s offices help people when they’re sick, there are a lot of germs floating around in those offices. Rather than having to cover up with a mask at an office, you can stay home and talk to a virtual doctor and avoid being exposed to more germs.

When it comes to your overall health, telemedicine gives you the chance stay healthier since you do not have to constantly visit doctor’s offices. Dealing with medical issues, big or small, whether yours or a loved one’s, can be a stressful thing and one of the advantages of telemedicine is that it helps eliminate stress and makes things a little easier for you. Instead of wasting time and money in doctor’s offices, you can use a virtual doctor to get the care you need at a faster pace.