Does Your Teen Need the Help of a Family Services Counselor Group?

Parents have discovered that if they are ever looking for their teenager, it might be worth the time to check out the parking lot at the local park. And while there are many new distractions involving electronics that were not around 5o years ago, there are also many of the same old distractions that can lead teenagers down a possibly dangerous path. Unfortunately, the decisions that teenagers make in the parking lots around America today can lead to bigger problems than teens may have faced in the past. Wasting time by getting wasted in a parking lot full of friends, for instance, can create significant problems that lead to treatment plans and mental health services.

Every time someone walks their dogs by a popular hangout near the local park and sees evidence of teenagers smoking weed they are faced with what initially looks like an age old problem. When record numbers of teens show up on any particular evening, however, property owners can become more afraid for the safety of the neighborhood. And while not every teen who experiments with marijuana in a parking lot will develop a problem, there are a growing number of teens and adults who find themselves looking for treatment options and psychiatric services when their lives start to spiral out of control. As psychiatrists continue to deal with an increasing amount of difficult situations, families struggle when to be alarmed and when to let boys and girls enjoy their youth.

Psychiatrists and Counselors Continue to Battle a Number of Difficult Family Situations
Moderation continues to be a problem for many people as both parents and teens struggle with boundaries and freedoms. Parents likely realize that the fear of future addictions has not deterred many teenagers yet, and this is the same today as it was two generations ago. There are some who fear, however, that the consequences of today’s actions are greater than those that have been in the past. It may look like the same kids gathered in a parking lot today, but those teens drive vehicles navigate busier roads and more crowded subdivisions. The repercussions of a bad decisions today can lead to long lasting problems.

What then should parents and property owners do when they realize that there are teens gathering in a public spot with less than the best of intentions?last night after 10 playing their music loud. Parking lot was almost full. It may have been nice when the sheriffs department patrolled the park and would keep things peaceful, but today that is not always the case in all neighborhoods. Once a mayor announces that there will be more patrolling in a particular troubled spot in the city, for instance, there can be pockets of trouble that develop in other neighborhoods. Knowing when to call the authorities and step in can be a challenge.

Parents of troubled teens likely know that small situations can quickly spiral out of control quickly. Even a teenager who is up all night can be an indicator of a future problem that might be difficult to manage. For instance, in a typical psychiatric practice, chronic sleep issues can affect between 50% to 80% of patients. When that lack of sleep leads to other issues, psychiatrists can attest to the fact that lack of sleep can lead to other health conditions in both teens and adults. From absenteeism at work or at school to health conditions, there are many times when it is good to watch for early signs and seek interventions provided by psychiatrists.

Kids will be kids and every teenager will likely experience some time when they want to test boundaries and hang with a less than noble crowd. As parents, teachers, and local authorities watch the trends today, however, they are often concerned that the small problems that occur now can turn into bigger addiction and behavior issues later. The big balancing act, of course, is knowing when to intervene and when to stand back. From the crowds of kids gathering in a local parking lot to the other problems that have plaques teens for decades, every adult knows that no decision is easy.