Do You Have Questions About How to Get Your Hair Back?

Micro hair tattoo

Perhaps as long as men have been going bald, the search has been on for the best hair restoration for men. A lot of strange therapies have been tried through the ages. Vikings were known to rub goose droppings in their hair, and other cultures prescribed the application of honey, boiled wheat, and beer paste by a virgin. These days, most men are aware that the only truly effective remedies for hair loss are viable because of drugs, surgery, or unique illusions. However, the hunt for the best restorative treatment or procedure is still on.

Is hair transplant the best hair restoration for men?

If you can afford it, and if you suspect that further hair loss is not going to occur, then a hair transplant procedure might be a good choice for you. It’s important to remember that hair loss is not halted due to a hair transplant. Hair follicles that are resistant to balding are moved from one area of your scalp, to the thinning or bald area. Your hair is essentially rearranged to allow for the appearance of thicker hair. Unfortunately, if balding and thinning continues, further surgeries may be necessary.

What is this hair simulation that I keep hearing about?

If you’re thinking about the hair from a can sort of simulation, then you need to get that out of your head immediately. Spray on hair can be very messy, and actually draw attention to the attempted cover-up if your hair color is not exactly matched. Modern hair simulation is performed with a scalp pigmentation treatment, and it may be the best hair restoration for men who have found no other alopecia solutions. Specialized tattoos are used to create the look of natural hair follicles, which means that your head will have the appearance of a close shave for about 10 to 15 years before a slight touch up may be necessary. Also, one of the only downsides to this hair simulation is some redness and swelling for a few hours following the treatment.

What’s the most cost-effective hair restoration treatment?

For most Americans, the cost of a treatment or procedure plays a big role in the decision process. Here is how several hair restoration treatments compare.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment: $3,500 — one time, minor touch-ups may be necessary after a decade or two.
  • Hair Transplant: $4,000 to $15,000 — may need to be repeated as hair loss progresses.
  • Hair Treatment Via Foams, Creams, or Pills: Between $12.50 to $50.00 / month — necessary indefinitely.

Millions of men in America are losing their hair, and by the time that they reach the age of 35, about 40% of men will be seeing thinning or balding patterns. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on cultural homeopathic legends to keep your hair, or even the appearance of it. There are better options. Which one is best is a matter of budget, and desired results, but hopefully this guide will help you to narrow down the choices.