Bioelectric Shields Block Harmful EMFs

Emf shield

The rapid increase in cell phone and Internet use have created new health risks due to the proliferation of EMFs or electromagnetic frequency radiation. The public health effects of these new forms of radiation are only now being studied. Experience shows that certain categories of people – empaths, children, those with ADD or ADHD, people who use computers for long periods of time – are at special risk. An EMF safety store can advise you on how to use the shields and targeted protection you need to keep yourself and your family safe.

Are EMFs harmful even if I can’t see them?
Cell phone towers and cell phones themselves emit radiation that can’t be seen but has adverse effects on both physical health and emotional well being. These begin with symptoms such as headaches, neurological problems and inability to concentrate. A study found that these problems can be transmitted during pregnancy. Among children with mothers who used cell phones when they were pregnant, a 25% increase in emotional problems, and a 35% increase in hyperactivity were reported. They also recorded a 49% increase in conduct problems, and a 34% increase in peer problems.

These problems are considered so serious that in 2015 an international group of 190 scientists from 40 countries asked the U.N. and the World Health Organization (WHO) to look into the need for protection from non-ionizing radiation, including microwaves, radio frequencies from wireless technology, and the low frequency EMFs associated with electricity transmission.

Who needs EMF shielding?
EMFs are all around us. Our cell phones emit radiation round the clock even when they are not being used. People who live within sight of cell phone towers are especially at risk. If there is a cell phone tower within 328 yards (984 feet) of your home or workplace, you could need shielding from EMFs.

Ironically, many cell phone towers are often located on pre-school, church day-care, and school campuses. This exposes young children to RFs a thousand times higher than they would have faced 20 to 25 years ago.

Ways of blocking EMFs
An EMF safety store will be able to advise you on ways to block EMF. EMF protection jewelry in conjunction with a bio electric shield will keep you and your family safe from the harmful effects of radiation. It is specially important to protect children.

The bio electric shield consists of a crystal matrix that produces frequencies that resonate with the earth’s radiation. These frequencies protect, regulate, and reinforce your own natural energy field. EMF shielding can be customized for individuals and locations. EMF safety stores offer different levels of shielding:

  • Level 1 ? auto and room protection; for children
  • Level 2 – for anyone using a computer or cellphone
  • Level 3 – for people using a computer more than 6 hours a day
  • Level 4 – for heavy computer users, frequent travelers, people who are very energy sensitive

Users report positive results from using the bio electric shield: recovered energy levels, renewed focus and concentration, and a return to a happier frame of mind.