Are You Experiencing Health Issues? Explore Your Treatment Options

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There are a variety of health issues that affect people on a regular basis. In addition to allergies, anxiety disorders, and migraines, many individuals also experience depression and sleep disorders. While some individuals will avoid or postpone seeking treatment, others will explore their options. This includes traditional western medicine and psychological services as well as holistic and natural medicine.

Mental Illness and Anxiety Disorders

While there are many types of mental illness, anxiety disorders are the most common in the United States. Recent data shows that 40 million adults 18 and above are affected by these disorders. Even though anxiety disorders are highly treatable, it is estimated that only 33% of the individuals suffering with these issues choose to seek treatment.

Migraines and Severe Headaches

Many individuals that experience migraines have not been diagnosed with this condition. It is also believed that other migraine sufferers are not receiving the treatment that they need. In other words, they remain under-treated. This is the case with a minimum of 50% of patients with migraines. Furthermore, less than 50% of migraine sufferers choose to consult a physician about their migraines.

It’s important to note that people that have migraines or other types of severe headaches are three times more likely to be or become depressed. This is not surprising when considering that 54% of people with migraines have one or more attacks every month. Other migraine sufferers, or 13%, report that they have one or more migraines every week. While there are different types of migraines, some are so severe that they can negatively impact a person’s daily life, thus state-of-mind.

Sleep and Wakefulness Disorders

Estimates indicate that 50 to 70 million adults within the United States have either a sleep or wakefulness disorder. Anxiety and depression can both affect sleep patterns, as can other issues such as severe headaches and migraines. Irregular work hours, allergies, and underlying medical conditions may also contribute to sleep or wakefulness disorders.

Alternative and Natural Remedies

While it’s important to consult with a medical and/or mental health practitioner to receive a proper diagnosis, many people that suffer with these and other issues, such as allergies, prefer to use natural remedies. In order to stay healthy or begin to create a healthy lifestyle, there are a variety of issues that may need to be initially addressed. Individuals that aren’t aware of or haven’t explored natural and alternative therapies may be interested in learning more about this option.