All You Need to Know About Shoes for Motion Control

Every human stride is unique. Each unique stride requires unique pair of running shoes. This can make all the difference and help keep injuries at bay.

One of the leading causes of foot problems is poorly-fitting shoes. Your feet pronation may affect how the running sneakers fit as you run. Pronation is the tendency of the ankle to roll in as your feet hit the ground. Over-pronation is a major issue that increases stress on your foot joints and muscles, which in turn increases the risk of injury. Such individuals may need shoes for motion control to correct the stride.

What Are Motion Control Shoes?

Motion control running sneakers are heavy-duty shoes designed to correct over-pronation in runners. They are uniquely designed to offer medial support, limiting excessive motion as you run, which improves stability.

Extreme pronation causes feet to roll in too far. With the extra support, the shoes for motion control do not allow for a lot of movement. The shoe has a heel drop of approximately 10mm with a dual-density midsole. The thermoplastic mid-foot shank makes the running shoes to appear ‘firmer’ and ‘harder.’

Shoes for Motion Control Vs. Stability Running Sneakers

Stability shoes have extra support on the midsole, with a focus on the arch area. The extra padding helps runner’s feet to remain in a neutral position. The running shoes are excellent for runners with an over-pronation. So, how can you determine the right pair from the shoe store?

The two types of running shoes may be similar in function but differ on the degree. Stability shoes only support the midsole area, making them more flexible than shoes for motion control. Motion control shoes have support all-round, making them heavier and more durable.

Here are some advantages of motion control shoes:

1. May Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Shoes for motion control tend to have guardrails along the side, making it hard for feet to pronate inward. It reduces the stress inflicted on joints by reducing transverse plane tibial rotation. Most podiatrists agree that the reduction may result in a drop in the risk of developing injuries.

2. Better Activation of Quadriceps Muscles

Studies show that a motion control shoe can help prevent patella-femoral pain (PFP) characterized by delayed onset of the vastus medialis obliquus. It means that controlling excessive foot movements may reduce knee pain associated with PFP syndrome.

3. Reduced Fatigue

Shoes for motion control can prevent your feet from experiencing too much fatigue. This helps you ease into a steadier activation of your leg muscles. You can reduce the overuse of certain muscles as you run.

Choosing Motion Control Shoes

While research on the benefits of motion control shoes remains inconclusive at best, shoe stores continue to stock these running shoes from different brands. Remember, when it comes to running sneaker selection, you are your own best judge. You need to find a shoe that fits and is comfortable. Head out to shoe stores and try on the different brands and models. Comfort should be the top priority during your search.

Shoes for motion control are excellent for runners with over-pronation that wish to reduce their risk of injuries. is an online shoe store that can help you find the right motion control sneakers.