3 Common Marriage Problems You May Find Yourself Dealing With

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Marriage is a group effort that involves two people, and since it is a relationship, there are bound to be issues. There are always issues in many different forms of relationships whether it be marriage, friendships, or anything involving family. However, these issues aren’t always bad and many of them can often be either prevented or quickly resolved.

While there are many issues that two people can find themselves dealing with in marriage, it’s not uncommon for married couples to deal with any potential problems. Let’s take a look at a few of those common problems.

Values and Beliefs

Just like in any relationship, it’s extremely common for both people involved to have different values and beliefs. One person might have a certain belief in a specific religion, while the other person might feel completely differently. As you can imagine, these differences in beliefs can cause major issues within a marriage. One spouse may be choosing to go to church, while the other sits at home. Potentially, the one spouse that consistently goes to church may be upset that they aren’t able to share their belief with their loved one and may decide that they don’t like doing that specific thing on their own. Since everyone isn’t raised the same, there is plenty of room for disagreement. This would be the perfect thing to speak to family therapists about.


Stress is something that many people deal with on an everyday basis. However, the stressful feeling that one person finds themselves experiencing can often impact a marriage. Stress can be caused by anything from money problems, job issues, family situations, or mental illnesses. While it is triggered by many things, there are different stress management tactics that can be used to ease any problems, especially in marriage.


One final thing that can cause people to have problems in their marriage is jealousy. One spouse may be jealous of their partner’s friends that are of the opposite sex, or a spouse may be jealous that their partner gets a ton of attention from others. They might also be jealous that their partner is doing better in their job while they’re sitting back struggling. This can cause arguments that can easily be prevented if the jealous spouse attempts to let things go.

While problems in marriage can be terrible, they are more common than you may think. Any issues that someone finds themselves dealing with related to their spouse is guaranteed the same issues someone else is dealing with as well. Know that these things aren’t bad and can potentially be fixed with the help of therapy and a mindset change.