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Taking Care of the Skin That You’re In

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The society in which we live is one of many contradictions. We are told to follow our dreams, but if those dreams don’t fit into the perfect molds that society would like us to fall into, there is little chance of success by society’s standards. People are told superficially to have high self esteem and to be happy with themselves, but the standards of beauty perpetuated by society and the media make people feel like they must look a certain way to be acceptable. Luckily, there seems to be a shift in the way that the beauty industry is approaching these standards. There is more encouragement to be genuine, and more criticism of the unrealistic standards.

We are entering an age where it is desirable to embrace oneself, in all one’s so called or perceived flaws and imperfections. And in so doi

Are You Experiencing Health Issues? Explore Your Treatment Options

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There are a variety of health issues that affect people on a regular basis. In addition to allergies, anxiety disorders, and migraines, many individuals also experience depression and sleep disorders. While some individuals will avoid or postpone seeking treatment, others will explore their options. This includes traditional western medicine and psychological services as well as holistic and natural medicine.

Mental Illness and Anxiety Disorders

While there are many types of mental illness, anxiety disorders are the most common in the Unite

Do You Have an Upcoming Appointment to Discuss Fertility Procedures and Options?

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When your daughter told you that she and her husband had an upcoming appointment at a fertility center you could not help but remember your fertility center experience 25 years ago. You wonder if now is the time to tell your 25 year old daughter that you visited several infertility specialists before she was born. Even though you know that the latest advancements in infertility procedures are probably much different than what they were 25 years ago, you are guessing that many of the emotions and the frustrations are the same.
Although you have had many conversations with your daug

How Participating in a Clinical Trial Can Benefit Not Just You, but Our Society

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Any time we receive a prescription or even do something as basic as pop a painkiller or take a decongestant, we’re reaping the benefits of those who participate in a clinical drug development trial. Medical research studies help medical professionals figure out what treatments are safe for use. In short, any treatment or drug we undergo has already been tried by thousands of people before being released onto the mainstream market. Those who participate in medical research studies or clinical trials often have the first access to groundbreaking new treatments that can save thei

How Long Is the Average Wait Time At Urgent Care Locations?

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Have you ever needed to go to the emergency room? In one study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDCP), it was found that as many as 48% of ER patients were seeking treatment at that location because their primary physician’s office was closed. This problem will increase the wait time for the average patient due to observing triage protocol. But there is a better option for patients who are not experiencing an emergency, and yet need care.

How Urgent Care Expresses the Treatment Process For Patients.

If a health concern is not an emergency, it is likely an urgent problem. This is categorized as a health concern in the form of an injury or illness that needs treatment soon to avoid excessive damage to the body. Such problems might be a fever of 100 degrees in a newborn, o

Why Is Proton Treatment Potentially One Of The Best Methods Of Fighting Cancer?

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Treatment for breast cancer nashville

The cure for cancer is right around the corner. Incredible advances in short-term and long-term treatment have been made over the past few years, increasing the lifespan of those afflicted as well as helping others reach a diagnosis as early as possible. Advanced cancer treatment options around the world are starting to embrace proton treatment. Unlike other forms of radiation therapy, proton therapy targets more specific areas of the body to bolster its effectiveness while actively reducing the chances of complications during recovery. How could proton treatment change the way we look at cancer in the future?

Brain cancer treatment,