How Ibogaine Can Help Your Drug Detox

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If you are or have ever been hooked on any kind of drugs, whether they are legal or illegal, you know how difficult getting past your addiction is. For many, this process includes attempting to get through a 12 step program, but it can be tempting to eventually give up and go back to old habits. With our new treatment program, however, detoxing isn’t like that at all. Here, you get to detox at a luxury resort, while using ibogaine as treatment.

Ibogaine has proven to reduce the cravings patients had for drugs within 72 to 96, studies have reported. An ibogaine detox utilizes ibogaine in response to drugs such as cocaine or Adderall. Cocaine is an incredibly powerful stimulant to the central nervous system, and its effects last between 15 minutes and one hour. Adderall is also a CNS stimulant and is a bit newer, only introduced in an instant release form in 1996 by Shire Pharmaceuticals. Ibogaine is a natural supplement and is a psychoactive indole alkaloid. It is derived from an African plant, and its anti-addictive properties make it a key element in drug detoxing.

With ibogaine therapy, you no longer have to worry about and put off your treatment. We can help you get your life back. Our detox program can help you recover from your addiction in the easiest way possible. Ibogaine is known for its ability to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which is why it works so well with our programs. It puts you into what patients have described as a “dreamlike state.” This allows you to reevaluate things and get better without the pressures of the outside world. Often, where many detox programs go wrong is not removing the patients from the daily stresses of their lives. Here, you can relax with no worries and instead focus on recovery.

Our ibogaine clinic is ready to help you today. Get in touch to find out how we can help!

Discover A Reliable Drug Detox Center In Your Area

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Detox center

Going through alcohol detox is not pleasant. Most severe alcoholics require attention from a alcohol detox center in order to get back to good health. It is possible to die during alcohol detox treatment that is not administered by a certified professional. A certified professional at a detox center is well aware of the fatal risk that an alcoholic faces if he or she has recently gone on a serious bender. Alcohol poisoning is a very common cause of preventable death. This is why detox facilities will focus on providing medical attention to an alcoholic as he or she recovers from delirium tremens, also called the shakes. Going through delirium tremens is extremely uncomfortable to watch if the person going through them is a person that you care about.

This is why the best answer for alcoholic or drug recovery is to put the person that you care about in to a drug detox center. A drug detox center will usually help a person get sober in a safe manner. Going to a drug detox center is not a guarantee of recovery. However, visiting a center for alcohol or drug detoxification is a very positive step on the path to recovery. A person that has become dependent on alcohol or drug use will usually benefit from spending some time separated from their vices. Learn more about reliable detox centers in your part of town by researching them on the web.