3 Signs You Might be Suffering From Food Poisoning

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1. Upset Stomach

One of the most obvious yet often overlooked ways you can telling if you are experiencing food poisoning is whether or not you have an upset stomach. If you are unsure as to whether your abdominal pain is something to be concerned about or that would otherwise require care at a medical clinic, it is best to ask the doctors. After all, the ones who work at medical clinics are the trained professionals. Some abdominal pains can be treated by taking Tums or eating plain or absorbant foods, but if the pain becomes severe than it is likely that something more could be wrong.

2. Fever

Although technically an issue of digestion, food poisoning has commonly been found to cause a low grade fever. This is because your body needs to raise its temperature in order to properly fight off harmful organisms just as it does with infection. Although a low-grade fever is typically not a cause for concern, make sure y

The Pros Of Technology On The Medical Industry

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Why We Need Urgent Care

Urgent Care clinics have become quite a necessity in recent times. Society requires the most out of everyone, often leaving little to no time for extended medical visits. Most times we need quick, reliable medical attention for easily treatable ailments, the ability to meet demanding schedules, and maintain the same amount of compassion and professionalism without an inflated cost. On average, individuals tend to suffer from non-life-threatening injuries far more, such as ankle sprains, making urgent care centers the ideal place to go for convenient medical care provided outside of regular office hours.

What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is an alternative medical service that focuses on providing ambulatory care outside of a traditional emergency room. Urgent care is considered convenient medical care primarily used for non-immediate care to treat injuries and illnesses such as colds flu, sprains, X-Rays, st