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How Intermittent Catheters Can Help the Seniors in Your Family

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With the onset of old age, a number of health issues and problems can start to manifest in many people. This is why seniors in the family need a lot of care, especially when it comes to problems that hamper daily living. These health problems might make a number of everyday tasks much more difficult and there exist a number of medical solutions that can be employed to ease the lives of seniors in these circumstances. Problems with normal bodily functions like the passing of urine can be common in old age, and this is where the use of medical resources like intermittent catheters can be an excellent solution that you can explore for the seniors in your family.

Urological problems constitute a large part of health problems that usually come with the onset of age. These problems can make the passing of urine difficult. Since it is such an important and usual bodily function, this can represent a major inconvenience for a lot of seniors. The retention of urine can also significantly