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What is Coolsculpting and How Does It Work?

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What is Coolsculpting and How Does It Work?

Every person struggles with their “problem areas” – those places that just won’t slim down or tone up. No matter how hard you exercise and how healthy you eat, these spots just refuse to flatten out to where you’d like them to. Luckily, there is a process called cool sculpting that works diligently to freeze fat and flatten out these problem areas. While cool sculpting works over time, it can reduce subcutaneous fat up to 25% during the first treatment. For every following treatment, the fat reduces more. Also, the results are shown over time, so a patient may not see the results right away. Patience is key with cool sculpting but pays off in the long run, as fat cells are literally frozen away. This simply means that the fat cells are damaged and will no longer be present in the body.

Just as a reference, when a person loses weight, the fat cells shrink. These fat cells are still present in the body and can expand again over time.

The Benefits Of Going To Your Own Doctor Versus Going To The Emergency Room

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Sometimes you get really sick and need to see a doctor right away. Many times you end up going to the emergency room because it just seems easier to walk in and be seen. However, there are more reasons to visit your own doctor when you are sick than there are to walking into an emergency room. Here are the benefits of going to your own doctor versus going to the emergency room.

Your Doctor Knows You Better

Your doctor knows you better than the emergency room doctors. Because of this, he or she may be able to provide you with a better quality of care. When you are sick, you need high quality care to make you feel better. This is especially true if you have something as private as an STD. For this reason, you would be better off going to your own doctor than walking into an emergency walk in clinic or any other STD testing clinics. If you have an STD, you want your own doctor to care for you so you won’t feel as embarrassed about it.

You Won’t Have To

Why Many People Choose FUE Hair Transplants

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Everyone loses some amount of hair daily. In fact, the average person loses an estimated 50 to 100 hours per day. Things take a turn for the worse when hair is unable to grow back after falling out. In addition, hair loss doesn’t only affect males. In fact, statistics show that nearly 21 million women throughout the United States are dealing with some degree of hair loss. Whether you’re male or female, it’s understandable to wonder how to get this matter taken care of. In this post, you’ll learn about why many people are choosing FUE hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Technology Has Improved Over Time

In the past, hair transplants were procedures that took quite a while to complete. Also, these transplants were known to leave lots of scarring. Thankfully, hair transplant technology has come a long way. Considering that, many people dealing with hair loss are choosing follicular unit extractions. One study found that nearly 47% of those dealing with hair loss reported they