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Allowing Ibogaine To Break You Free of Cravings and Depression

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Are you ready to finally say goodbye to your addiction once and for all? Whether you have tried rehab facilities in the past, or are just considering them for the first time, you should know a few things about using ibogaine for depression and ending addiction. Since 2009, when ibogaine was unregulated in Mexico, thousands of people have undergone ibogaine therapy and been able to end their addictions to opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, etc. Here are three things to know about ibogaine addiction treatment:

1. Ibogaine For Depression - Depression and mood disorders are abundant in the United States. In fact, studies have shown that 1 in every 10 Americans deal with depression at some point dur

Pros and Cons of Piyo

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Weight loss coaches

There is no doubt about it. America is a country obsessed with being thin. Its on tv, in magazines, even on the news. This level of obsession leads to poor self esteem or worse in many individuals. That is not to say that this emphasis is necessarily all bad, especially given some other size obsessions one can find in this country: Extra Large, 2-Liter and King Size for example.Given the unhealthy eating habits and sendentary lifestyle many practice, some push in the exercise direction is no bad thing, as long as it is done in the right way and with the right work out. One new workout plan getting a lot of buzz is the piyo workout, and the piyo before after pictures a

3 Types of Infertility Treatments for Couples Struggling to Conceive

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Having a baby is said to be one of the greatest accomplishments a man and woman can achieve together. Unfortunately, there are many couples that find it very difficult to do for a variety of different reasons. Fertility naturally starts to decline in women by the age of 30 with the rate increasing significantly around 35. By the time she reaches 40, only about 20% of women who want to have a baby will be able to.

Infertility is not only a female problem though, despite what society may lead you to believe. In fact, estimates from research suggest that the rate is a pretty even split with a third of cases attributed to the man, a third to the woman, and a third some combination of both. Here are three infertility treatments to cons

Losing Your Hair? Don’t Lose Your Mind! Hair Transplants May Be an Option

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Scalp micropigmentation los angeles

If you are a guy, chances are at some point in your life you are going to lose at least some of your hair. Even if you don’t have male pattern baldness, the loss of testosterone as you age is more than likely to mean some degree of thinning hair. By age 35, about two-thirds of men have some degree of hair loss, and by age 50, about 85% of men have significant hair loss.

Many men embrace their loss of hair, and the shaved look has become common, especially among younger men who only have a little bit of hair loss. But for men who can’t stand the thought of going bald, as well as those who realize how bad a combover looks, a hair transplant is an option.

The way hair transplant surgery works is