What are the New Rules about Exercise? Four Health Magazine Tips

Health and fitness

Did you know that 53% of Americans want to lose weight? As you probably know, exercise and better eating habits are key to finding your healthy weight, and staying there. One problem many people might encounter, however, is that they want to move forward but lack the knowledge to do so.

This is where health and fitness magazines come in. Magazines about health can be a great resource for learning how to reorient your body and your lifestyle. Here are four important updates from magazines about fitness this month.

1. Bounce for Fitness

Did you know that trampolines were first invented by Inuits, who would bounce on walrus skins for fun? Trampolining, also known as rebounding, is becoming a popular low impact workout. Although they are a lot of fun, trampolines provide a serious calorie burn.

2. Benefits of Fitness Trackers

Fitness Apps for phones can be a great way to keep track of how well you are performing during your workouts. Mobihealthnews reveals that the top three downloaded apps are MyFitnessPal with 40 million users, Runkeeper with 23 million users, and Azumio, with 20 million downloads. Use these to learn how you can improve your performance.

3. Jobs that Incorporate Fitness

Have you been looking for an escape from your everyday cubicle? There are several jobs that involve fitness and giving attention to your body everyday. Several of the best jobs for staying fit include being a yoga teacher, bike messenger, and sports trainer. If fitness is a huge part of your lifestyle, why not make it a profitable part as well?

4. New Rules about Exercise

One magazine about fitness is telling its readers to rethink old adages about working out. Should you work out on an empty stomach to build more fat? No. Instead, have a 150 calorie quick meal. Studies have found that people who eat breakfast before going on the treadmill had a higher fat burning rate compared to those who ate nothing before hand. Is it better to work out with a friend? Not always. Although partners can help push you, a study from Santa Clara University shows that you will probably exercise harder when you do it alone.

Have you learned any tips from a magazine about fitness? Let us know in the comments!