Urgent Care Centers Provide Convenient and Affordable Care

You were so careful that you did not fall when you were in the icy parking lot. When the weather turned and you were forced to find a hotel for the night, you were quick to realize that the entire lot was a sheet of ice. As a result, you parked your car in the corner by the door half way down the building. This meant that you were able to get in and out of the hotel with only a few steps. As an extra safety effort, you even carried out two towels so that you could step on them as needed.
Fortunately, you were careful enough that you never even had a small slip on the ice in the parking lot. When you go home and took a shower, however, you were not as careful. The phone rang and thinking that it was your daughter who was 12 hours away at college you made a dash to the phone. Realizing it was only your husband, who was easy to call back, you spun around to go back to the shower. The combination of the wet floor and some soap that must have still been on your feet slid you across the room and flat on the floor. After your elbow hit first, you then landed on your knee. Both immediately bruised and by morning you feared that something may have been broken or at least torn. Transposing the facts a little, you tried to save the embarrassment of saying that you had fallen in the bathroom, you simply told the doctor that you had fallen on the ice. Fortunately, the x-rays from the urgent care center showed that there was no break and the doctor assured you that with rest, a few pain meds, elevation, and ice you would be back to your own self before long.

Convenient Urgent Care Locations Offers a Number of Important Health Services

According to the Urgent Care Association of America, an estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care centers each week. Whether they are looking for x-rays, flu shots, or strep tests, patients who take the time to visit an urgent care center can help people find the help that they need to any number of conditions or concerns.

One of the greatest advantages is that nearly 80% of urgent care centers provide fracture care, so you can get the help that you need whether you slipped in an icy parking lot or a slippery bathroom floor.