Understanding When it’s Better to Rent a Stairlift Than Buy One

Wheelchair ramps for stairs

If you have stairs and someone who has difficulty getting up them, you’ve likely already thought about the possibility of getting a fitted stairlift. Stairs can be hard for senior citizens and those living with disabilities. Already there is an older adult being treated for a fall in an emergency room every 11 seconds in this country, and there are nearly 7 million people in America who need to use assistive devices to retain their full mobility. You don’t want your loved one or employee, or yourself, to be the next statistic.

As great as a safe stairlift can be, sometimes it’s not something you want to put in forever. There are good reasons that people consider stairlift rentals rather than buying a permanent stairlift solution. Think about when to rent instead of buy, how to find stairlift rentals, and what kind of stairlift you’ll need.

When to Rent Instead of Buy

    • A stairlift rental can be a great option if you or someone you love is only temporarily disabled. If you or someone else are recovering from surgery or from some kind of injury, a stairlift may be the only way to safely navigate stairs at home or at work. But you probably do not need a permanent stairlift, so stairlift rentals are a good thing to consider.


  • You have a family member visiting for a short time. Maybe someone is coming to live with you just for a set period of time, or you’re arranging temporary accommodations for a friend or loved one. If that’s the case, chairlift rentals can provide a safe way to navigate straight stair cases without having to make a permanent change.



  • You can’t afford a high initial fee, but can afford reasonable monthly fees. Buying and installing a stairlift can be expensive, so stairlift rentals are a way of getting you the help you need without an initial cost you can’t afford. Monthly fees are not just for the stairlift, but also for service and maintenance.


What To Look For in A Rental Company

You want a company with a good reputation and plenty of quality choices. Ask for references. Check with former clients. Check with the Better Business Bureau or other review sites to see who is doing a good job of providing reliable stairlift rentals.

Choosing a Stairlift

Safety is crucial with stairlifts. Some things to look for include a swivel seat for safe exit and entrance and a positive drive system. You also want a stair rated to accommodate comfortably more weight than you intend to put on it. Other great features to look for include a seat belt, a key switch so it can’t be used by unauthorized people, and a safety gear device so if the motor gearbox fails it won’t be a catastrophe.

If you or someone you care about needs a temporary solution to a stairway problem, stairway rentals may be a great way to deal with that. Look into companies near you that can provide quality rentals at a reasonable price.