The Future of Hair

In our modern society, we tend to push a lot of standards onto people when it might not otherwise be good for them. We might start off by telling someone they should look one way or another, that they should carry themselves one way or the other when they might want to do something completely different. This sort of social and media pressure is not good for people and it can lead to some difficult times and identity crisis for any number of people who feel that they aren’t good or don’t meet some sort of preapproved standard. All of this can be a little chaotic and crazy for people in the general population but the important thing to remember in all of this is that it is what you choose as individual that matters. As long as you aren’t hurting someone or yourself, you are absolutely allowed to look and act however you want. Diversity and uniqueness is what makes up special and no one should be judging someone for how they choose to represent themselves. Take the fictional example of Jeremy, a man in his mid thirties who lives somewhere in the central United States. In the Chicago region, let’s say. Jeremy is studying to be a zoologist and works part time at a coffee shop to pay for the basics. Just his bills and food mostly, nothing fancy. Jeremy is a tall fellow with a little bit of scruff, long arms and legs. Thick chest. He’s a fairly big person and is generally content with himself but, over the course of the last year, he has noticed a little bit of both hair fall and hair loss. It was gradual at first but now he sees the process speeding up and he isn’t sure what to do. He’s not too keen on the way it looks, to start, and his girlfriend doesn’t much like it either. He needs to either shave it off or find a way to somehow lean into it, a decision that he knows is going to take some time to make properly. At first, he thinks about shaving it all off but he isn’t sure. He isn’t overly keen on the shape of his head either and is not sure that going full bald is the best way to deal with this particular problem. It doesn’t represent him in the way he wants to represent himself, to start, and its going to be a pain to do it all the time. Eventually, a friend of his introduces him to a new solution, one he feels is likely going to be his best option moving forward.
Hair Transplant Surgery, Scalp micropigmentation, General Scalp Micropigmentation and more
Jeremy isn’t completely sold yet on scalp micropigmentation, general scalp mircropigmentation and hair transplants, so he does a little more research to see if this is really something he is going to want. He sees that it is relatively painless and that the process itself has come a long way in the last several years. This intrigues him and he calls up a local scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant place to see what they can tell him about the process works. They tell him that it takes a few hours but it is easy and goes smoothly and quickly. They also tell him that the price has gone down in the last five years and that they have a bunch of special discounts going depending on the specificity of the procedure. Jeremy makes an appointment, then, and meets with the doctor a week later to talk about how it might look and the exact specifications of what he would have to do post procedure. He learns about how he will have to care for it, cleaning it and making sure that his scalp is safe and protected. The doctor assures him that there is a minimal chance that he will have to get another procedure in the future but that he can have one if he likes. Satisfied, Jeremy says that he is highly considering it and makes a pre operation appointment where they schedule all of the finer details. Jeremy, despite going through a difficult time, has demonstrated some admirable sensitivity.