The Benefits of an All City Frame

While cycling has always maintained a certain level of popularity, that level has grown in recent years as more people are seeing cycling as a fun way to exercise, spend time outdoors, and spend time with their families. According to one survey, in 2017 alone, over 66 million people in the United States reported they had gone cycling.

The health benefits of cycling are tremendous and well-documented. For example, cycling reduces the risk of mortality by 30% and the risk of cardiovascular disease by 40%. Biking each day can burn as much fat as spending 40 minutes in the gym each day.

Cycling is also beneficial to the environment. One study conducted in Wisconsin showed that if 20% of short car trips were replaced with cycling, the carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 57, 405 tons.

When getting into cycling, it is important to get a bike that will fit your specific size and needs. For example, will you be cycling mostly off-road or on-road? The type of terrain you prefer will impact the type of bike you purchase. Many have found that building a bike or putting together specific parts is the best option. For example, an all city frame can be used to create the perfect commuter bike.

From the all city frame to chainring bolts and end caps for handlebars, buying parts for your bicycle can feel overwhelming at times, which is why it is always helpful to get advice from an expert before buying. a bike professional can help you select the best bike pedals. bike chains, and more. While every part and aspect of the bike is important, having a high-quality frame that can withstand the type of terrain you will be riding without compromising safety, is essential. That is why an all city frame is a top choice for many.

Getting into building and fixing your own bike can be fun and empowering. Learning these types of basic skills give people the confidence to know they can work with their hands and create something useful. Teaching children from a young age how to work on a bike will also give them the basic know-how of how to use tools and ensure safety while working. It also promotes brainstorming, critical thinking, and problem solving.