Stuff dentists in Boise Idaho should know

Boise dentist

How many dentists would tell you to eat more cheese? Dentists in Boise Idaho know that some cheeses, including gouda, munster, and aged cheddar, help to prevent tooth decay. Gives a new meaning to, “Say cheese!” Quiz your dentist in Boise about this fact before booking your next appointment.

Still not convinced you have the right dentist in Boise? If she recommended that you to replace your toothbrush every three months or after you had a viral infection like the flu or a cold, she’s a keeper. They don’t want to see you infected yourself with your virus ridden toothbrush. Boise dentists know what they are talking about!

After the common cold, a dentist in Boise will tell you that the second most common disease in the U.S. is tooth decay. Many people don’t realize that dentistry isn’t only about teeth. A Boise ID dentist also treats the entire oral cavity and surrounding structures. Yeah, like your jaw and parts of the sinuses. Just ask your dentist in Boise what else she does besides teeth.

If you’re lucky, your dentist in Boise won’t tell you funny stories while you’re unable to talk. But, there is that one about an inmate in West Virginia who braided dental floss into a rope and used it to move down the prison wall and escape. Just remember that when you laugh in the dentist’s chair, you might look like an idiot but they are used it.
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