Readjust Your Services with a New Chiropractic Adjusting Instrument

There is a staggering number of people suffering from back pain. With Americans spending at least $50 billion on treating their back pain each year, it is understandable that clinics and physical therapy centers are constantly looking for ways to help their patients. From a new chiropractic adjusting instrument to updating their physical assessment software, physical therapy clinicians and hospital groups are stepping up their game to cover multiple disciplines.

If physical therapy centers expand their services, they can treat more people suffering from chronic pain. With 1.5 billion people reporting some kind of lasting pain worldwide, it is necessary for these facilities to have the best equipment and tools at their disposal.

Why is it necessary for physical therapy centers to cover multiple disciplinaries when it comes to chronic pain? For anyone who has suffered from chronic pain or is suffering, it is rare for the pain to stay localized in one area of the body. Often, back pain is accompanied by other aches whether due to the favoring of one part of the body or overcompensation of another.

If centers only focus on the chiropractic side of things for chronic pain conditions, they risk losing patients who need more breadth out of their therapy.

5 Reasons to Add a Chiropractric Adjusting Instrument Into Your Services

  1. More Services, More Patients
    No physical therapy center or clinic wants to turn a patient away. If they have chosen to enter a medical profession, helping people is in their nature. By having the most up-to-date rehab tools and systems, like a chiropractic adjusting instrument, they are able to treat a broader range of chronic pain complaints.
  2. More Services, Higher Chance of Retaining Patients
    With lower back pain as the leading cause of disability worldwide, there will never be a shortage of patients. What sets facilities and clinics apart, is, of course, the staff and how many disciplinaries can be treated in one location. Not only will expanding your services bring more patients, but they are also likely to stay on at your clinic for future and ongoing treatment. Patients will keep coming back to a place where they feel they are getting the most out of their valuable money.
  3. Gaining Ground on Competitors
    Since so many people suffer from chronic pain, especially related to the back, the market is saturated with physical therapy centers and hospital groups. For a consumer in pain, this can be overwhelming. By offering more services, your facility is automatically setting themselves above other facilities. Since patients want to get the best service for their money, they are more likely to seek out facilities that have more options in treatment.
  4. More Services, More Clinicians
    By adding a new chiropractic adjusting instrument into your facility, you are not only bringing more patients with your ability to provide the best equipment but you are becoming more appealing to doctors and staff. The center that can continually produce quality care with a quantity of service is more likely to attract people at the top of their field. This is yet another way to retain patients and be a step ahead of the competition.
  5. More Services, More Innovation
    There is something to be said for being surrounded by state-of-the-art equipment and top professionals when it comes to fostering an environment of innovation and discovery. Chronic pain in its multitude of manifestations is not likely to have an overarching cure anytime soon. However, that is not to say that there isn’t a better way of doing things for clinic and patient. Having the best physical therapy equipment, such as a chiropractic adjusting instrument, available helps promote a feeling that everyone involved in the process is a part of something important, not only for themselves but for the future.