How Technology Has Made Wearing Hearing Aids Easier

It’s estimated that 36 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. As American continue to age, that number figures only to go with some estimates claiming nearly a billion people will have some degree of hearing impairment by 2025.

Fortunately for those suffering from hearing loss, there have been many advancements in telemedicine and telehealth in recent years. Rather than having to go to a doctor’s office, patients can meet with doctors via remote consultation. With a remote consultation, patients are still able to speak directly with a doctor, gain needed medical advice and save themselves a lot of frustration from having to wait in an office.

Hearing aid companies have made similar advancements. Many models of hearing aid on the market today can be programmed and then tweaked via remote consultation if necessary. Many models can be linked with an iPhone or an Android phone app. If there are any changes that need to be made, patients can make requests for them right through the app. How is that possible? In your request, you send a hearing aid professional as much information as you can. Armed with that information, the professional pushes out changes to your hearing aid that’s sent via an update on your app.

An onsite-consultation is required to initially set up a hearing aid or pair of hearing aids, but once that’s done patients are off to the races. Other auditory companies have apps that allow wearers to communicate with professionals via calling and video and those professionals can also adjust a patient’s hearing aids from anywhere in real time. This is a wonderful advancement that saves hearing aid wearers from frustration and grief from constantly having to visit specialists for adjustments. Imagine the joy and relief felt by hearing aid wearers where their hearing is adjusted in a manner of minutes or even seconds, allowing them to hear everyday sounds with exceptional clarity.

As many a hearing health care consultation company utilizes the technology described above, remote consultation will continue to benefit scores of hearing aid wearers. Audiology buying groups (hearing aid buying groups) are now able to offer dozens of hearing choices at all price ranges and hearing loss degrees, giving customers plenty of options when it comes to buying. Hearing aids may have been thought of as an inconvenience in the past, but with today’s advancements, wearing them has never been easier.