How Active Are Your Weekends?

Fall may have arrive a few weeks ago, but the local weather has been more than pleasant. As a result, you have had a chance to not only work on your own running, but to also encourage your husband and friends to do the same. So these days while the rest of the nation continues to fear the spread of Covid and the results of the 2020 election, you are going to fill your spare time with racing related tasks. This weekend’s race was a bit more special as your husband did his first ever race today as you completed your first trail race today, which was approximately a four miler. Trail racing is so not like road racing as it is much more difficult! For his part, your husband finished strong, and may even join you for additional races going forward. He says a 10k is his max, but you have heard others say that before as well. You managed to get first in your age group which was fun, but more than anything just spending time with some of your favorite people together, before, somewhat during, and after, was a treat! After months of limited interactions it is nice to get back to a sport that is at his heart socially distanced and the fact that you are starting the trail racing means that you are going to be even more isolated in these endeavors as the trails are by definition so much more narrow than most of the street racing routes. You had a blast today, and are looking forward to more of these race filled weekends.
Another while another beer and bagel running challenge is in the books, but one of your fiends had a very rough go of it. Her half marathon race and training session was ugly with a total wipeout around mile five. She may have looked okay on the outside but you know that her insides hurt. Because she is as stubborn as they come, however, she fought the wind, hills, and record breaking warm temperatures to the finish line. And while she may have uncharacteristically finsihed dead last, you remained at the finish line to greet her and to help her make plans for a recovery that will allow her to get bak on her full marathon training path.

Muscle Strength Testing Equipment and Other Rehab Tools and Systems Provide Many Benefits
Watching the news and working about the results of the election and the spread of the Coronavirus can be addicting. Fortunately, there are other kinds of addiction that can get you up off the couch and out into a more healthy kind of lifestyle. And with the latest kinds of physical assessment software and the combination of muscle strength testing equipment and range of motion testing solutions, there are ways for even the most reluctant of runners to enjoy a healthier kid of addiction.

It is a simple fact that engaging in just 10 minutes of physical activity every day can help you improve mobility and live longer, so it only makes sense that if you take a safe and measured approach to street or road racing you will see exponentially greater benefits. And if you are a first time runner or someone who has struggled with an injury in the past it is likely that there is a path for you to get back to being your best self. For example, with the latest muscle strength testing equipment both novice and experienced runners can pinpoint the kind of conditioning and workouts they can do to avoid as many injuries as possible. Smart training is important and if you want to enjoy a lifelong sport like running it is essential that you work with a knowledgeable group. From other runners to chiropractors and physical therapists who understand the value of the latest rehab tools like muscle strength testing equipment, you can recover from a fall on your first trail race, as well as make a plan to increase the number of miles that you are able to run in a week or month. Fall is here so making the most of the best running days is very important.