Five Reasons Why Men Need to Consider Hair Restoration

Hair loss tends to affect people in different ways. For men, it affects how you view yourself, which may lower your self-esteem and confidence.

Sadly, there are over 35 million men in the United States losing their hair. The reasons behind the hair loss will differ from one man to the next. With some, it is genetic, old age or a horde of other reasons.

However, despite the causes, it is time to do something about your hair loss. The strategy you choose depends on the type of results that you need. If you are looking for permanent results, then a visit to the hair restoration doctor is ideal. The doctor you choose will explain to you the different types of hair transplant and restoration.

As you will discover, there is no single solution that works for everyone. However, as a patient, you’ll choose between Follicular Unit Transportation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Let’s start with FUT and FUE procedures, the primary types of hair restoration.

FUT Hair Replacement

The method is commonly known as strip harvesting. Here, the hair restoration expert extracts a piece of growing hair from your head. The expert then uses a microscope to divide respective hair follicles into small groups before placing them in your bald head. The method is more ideal for people with significant areas of baldness.

FUE Hair Replacement

In FUE hair transplant, extraction of hair follicles takes place at a larger donor area on your head. This maximizes the number of available grafts. The convenient FUE treatment option involves the removal of individual follicles using a special tool.

Here are the primary benefits of hair restoration.

1. Helps Boost Your Confidence

Hair replacement for men helps you to boost your confidence. When you look at a mirror and see your thick strands of hair full again, you’ll feel good. Eliminating the nightmare allows you to feel great about yourself, and everyone else will notice.

2. A Nice Head Full of Hair Makes You Attractive

A study by John Hopkins University reveals that men with natural hair seem 1.1 years younger. Meanwhile, men with a hair restoration appeared 3.6 years younger.

The same research shows that men with full hair scored higher in categories like approachability, successfulness, and approachability. It’s no doubt that a woman perception on a man with full hair on his head is always positive.

3. Hair Restoration Results are Permanent

Yes, the results of a hair restoration last forever. After a hair replacement, the new hair will not fall out.

The permanent results allow you to get value for money. Yes, hair replacement requires you to part with a sizeable amount of money. However, this is not anything compared to what you save in terms of buying wigs and other products.

4. A Hair Transplant is Natural

A hair transplant isn’t like wearing a wig or toupee. If the exercise is done by an expert, you’ll get a natural-looking hair on your head that’s subtle and not very obvious.

The bottom line is, the results will be amazing.

5. A Full Head of Hair May Boost Your Career

Several studies show that attractive people get more advances or pay rise at work. But not only that, full head of hair boosts your confidence. With this, you’ll be able to face new challenges head-on and seize any opportunity that comes your way.

However, with a low self-esteem or confidence levels, rarely will you take advantages of opportunities ahead of you. No manager wants a timid or shy person on their team. Eventually, the low confidence levels will work against you. Don’t let this happen. Get a hair restoration service today.

The benefits of hair may not be obvious to those with hair. However, as you grow old and start to shed your hair, the benefits become apparent. For instance, people are likely to make fun of a man with a bald head than the one with a full head of hair. If you’re bald, a hair restoration exercise is your only solution.