Finding A Primary Care Physician What To Look For

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Everyone needs a primary care physician. However, many people don’t have them at all. This is because, in part, many people don’t feel comfortable going to the doctor. Another issue that they feel as if they can take care of their vaccinations at urgent care clinics or even pharmacies — while going to emergency rooms for serious problems. With that being said, people often end up spending more money and time than they should when they don’t have primary care physicians. Of course, some know that they need primary care physicians — they’re just having an issue with their primary care physician search. A primary care physician search is not easy, and many people don’t know where to start. After all, there are many different factors to consider when looking for a primary care physician. Not only do they need to be qualified and professional; they also need to be in close proximity to your home and affordable. Things like a good bedside manner are also considerations. Let’s look into what you should look for during your primary care physician search, and how you can make it as easy on yourself as possible.

What Can Your Primary Care Physician Do?

Many people think that primary care physicians are there for little more than basic shots. However, primary care physicians are just as qualified as any other types of physicians, and they can perform many tests and treatments that some mistakenly think they must visit the emergency room for. For example, many think that they have to immediately visit a specialist if they see a spot on their skin that concerns them. Now, often people get concerned and assume that skin damage is a sign of a serious problem. It could be something as simple as sun damage, which contributes to 80% of skin aging, which is more than smoking, inadequate sleep, or dehydration. On the other hand, it’s true that the rate of skin cancer has increased by 75% thanks in part to the popularity of tanning and the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer. Your primary care physician can look at a skin problem and tell you whether or not you should see a specialist — saving you time and money. They can also prescribe medications should you have mental health problems. Not everyone has the time or desire to see a psychiatrist for every prescription — after all the rate of depression in elderly people alone can range from 3% to 13.5%. Seeing your primary care physician might just be simpler.

Why Should You Visit Your Primary Care Physician Instead Of An Emergency Room?

Some people think that they have to take every urgent health concern to the emergency room. While it’s true that some issues must be seen in the emergency room, others can be taken to your primary care physician. They can either treat you, or refer you to a treatment center. Some people get astronomical emergency room bills just because they’re seeking same day STD testing. Not only is this not necessarily available at an emergency room; your primary care physician can refer you to discreet STD testing clinics that are cheaper and quicker. Many primary care physicians also work at after hours urgent care facilities, and are therefore available at various hours in the day. The fact is that if you got to the emergency room when you don’t have to, you’ll likely wait to be seen for hours and end up with a high medical bill.

How Can I Simplify My Primary Care Physician Search?

When looking for a primary care physician, you should make a list of absolute “musts”. For example, if you want your physician to be a certain gender, write that down. You should also attempt to see multiple physicians and talk to them before making your final decision. Read reviews online, and for that matter listen to referrals from friends. With time and patience, you’ll find a physician who’s just right for you!