Different Medical Needs Call for Different Health Care Providers

After hour care

Once upon a time, if you were having a baby, you would call your family doctor. If you broke your leg, your family doctor was contacted. If you were anxious, or if you had chronic headaches, the family doctor was your go-to. These days, knowing who to contact can be a bit confusing. In the United States, the medical industry is growing at approximately 20% each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Health clinics, general practitioners, emergency rooms, and physical therapists can all overlap in one form or another. This brief guide should help you find the right medical provider when you’re in need of some medical attention.

Contact your general family doctor when…

  • You need to talk about family planning.
  • You want screening and diagnosis for a disease.
  • You want your general health looked into.
  • You need an immunization.
  • You want a plan for monitoring an ongoing health concern, such as diabetes, or high blood pressure.

The general family doctor is someone who can monitor your health over the long term, and provide you with valuable resources should you need specialized care.

Physical therapists can help you with…

  • Recovery from an injury, illness or condition that has affected your mobility.
  • Carrying out the exercises that will restore strength and flexibility.
  • Modifying your current activities to avoid causing further physical limitations.

Because many illnesses and injuries that limit mobility can also result in pain, a physical therapist may be your best choice for determining pain management techniques and therapies.

Visit urgent care if…

  • You have sustained a burn or laceration that is not life-threatening.
  • You suspect that you have suffered a minor sprain or broken bone.
  • You have a cold, or the flu.

A walk-in clinic is an excellent resource when you need medical attention quickly, but a trip to the emergency room would be unnecessary.

Did you know that there are some clinics that staff everyone from the general family doctor, to the urgent care specialist? If you can find one of those facilities, then you are fortunate. However, if you have to visit any one of these three specialists at their own separate facilities, then at least you now know when to visit one over another. Considering that the average time that people in the U.S. spend waiting in reception is about 19 minutes, choosing the right health clinic is essential to getting the care that you need, quickly. Visit here for more information: gonzaba.com