The Finest Way to Lose Some Weight

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The human body is designed for a lifetime of exercise and exertion, though not all people realize this. Modern human beings evolved from more primitive hominids that hunted game for a living, rather than eating fruits in trees. This means that we and our ancestors are built for exercise, and today, rather than hunting game, people choose to play sports or perform cardio or try out martial arts to meet that exercise need. In fact, the human body and mind alike have many ways to reward and active lifestyle and good diet, and punish sedentary behavior or poor diets. Other Americans fall short of these needs, though, and their lack of exercise and poor diets contribute to the United States’ growing trend of adult and even adolescent obesity. But eating right is always an option, and an overweight person may resolve to transform their diet and lifestyle to set their health straight. How might this be done to maximum effect?

Why Obesity Happens

First of all, why is obesity so p

How To Get To A Healthy Weight Even If You Struggle

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Being at an unhealthy weight is just that, incredibly unhealthy. In fact, being obese has actually become the second leading cause of preventable death here in the United States (second only behind smoking alone). Unfortunately, the majority of our population is overweight or obese, up to two thirds of it with one third of the entire adult population considered to be clinically obese, if not morbidly obese or even super morbidly obese.

There are many reasons that this has become such a widespread concern throughout the country. For one, many people are not exercising to the extent that they should be, with only about one third of all adults here in the United States getting the recommended weekly amount of exercise (and, not coincidentally, only about one third of all adults currently being considered to be at a healthy weight). In addition to this, fast food restaurants have become more prevalent and prominent than ever before, with up to two times the amount of them that there w