Fighting Hair Loss From Micropigmentation To FUE Transplants

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Hair transplant surgery los angeles

There are many signs of aging that we can’t do anything about. There are also some signs of aging that we can treat — but only through surgery or long-term maintenance that, over the course of years, will cost an unimaginable amount of money. One of the most common signs of aging for men in particular is hair loss. Yet men can begin to lose their hair in a noticeable way when they’re quite young — sometimes even in their teens. Nor is hair always lost naturally; some people lose their hair due to skin conditions, or as a side effect of a medical treatment, in which case it doesn’t always grow back. Hair loss isn’t just an issue for men, either. Though hair loss is not a common sign of aging for women, it does happen. And very frequently, it causes a great deal of insecurity in bot