A Diabetic Patient and Foot Care

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Diabetes is among the most common chronic conditions in the United States today, with many millions of adolescents and adults alike living with this condition. The rare Type 1 diabetes and the more common Type 2 diabetes can be dangerous if untreated, but fortunately, the American medical industry is well-informed about diabetes and well-equipped to help the many Americans who have it. Diabetes affects various parts of the body, and while it may sound mundane, a person’s feet may need care when diabetes is involved. Diabetic foot care is a field in itself, and a diabetic foot specialist can go a long way toward dealing with a patient’s foot pain and taking care of their foot health in general. The best podiatrist in a patient’s area may be a diabetic foot specialist, and a patient may see their doctor and get referred to a diabetic foot specialist who can help them. What is there to know about diabetic