A Healthy Journey Begins With A Single Step Practical Advice To Get You On The Path To Losing Weight

Everyone’s health journey looks a little different.

In fact, that’s the best way to ensure you’re not accidentally going down the wrong path. Instead of simply trailing after what everyone else is doing, adding a touch of nuance to your desire to become your best self is the key. The custom weight loss program is designed to look at everything from your lifestyle to your family history, gradually stitching together the best way to help you become healthier. If this is your first time crafting a lifestyle diet plan — or you’re not even sure where to begin with improving your health — the list below is for you.

Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all shirt or pair of jeans, neither is there a health journey that’s perfect for everyone.

The Rise Of Obesity In America

An important step on your health journey is to learn the ins and outs of weight and how it contributes to your health. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra fat — it’s how our body insulates itself and protects against bruises — but too much can put stress on your entire system, affecting everything from your heart to your digestion. The World Health Organization’s definition of obesity is having a BMI greater than or equal to 30. One out of three American adults today are considered to be obese. Should this apply to you, never fear…this is what a health journey is for!

The Difference Between Good And Bad Cholesterol

Another thing you should know is the difference between good and bad cholesterol. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a healthy cholesterol count! Also known as lipoproteins, these are used to help move fat in and out of your cells. High-density lipoproteins are how your body maintains a healthy circulation, able to be found in many fatty fish, avocados, and nuts. Learning about the details that go into your diet will take time, but will be well worth the effort.

Correlation Between A Healthy Diet And A Healthy Body

What does eating better do for your mind and body? Most obviously it keeps you from developing high cholesterol levels and excess weight, both of which can increase your probability for life-threatening diseases. It can also impact your mental wellness. While sugar and fatty foods taste great in the moment, they can cause you to ‘crash’ and feel groggy, apathetic, and moody later. Exercise physiologists also recommend you pair a good diet with a good exercise regimen.

Health Benefits Of Routine Exercise

Exercising can be a real pain sometimes. Your health journey will be all the better for it, however, as it’s a great way to lose weight and improve your mental health in one go. An interesting study found nearly 80% of dieters today are attempting to lose weight on their own. Pair this with another study that found 50% of American adults stating they’re unsuccessful at losing weight because they don’t have self-discipline. A comprehensive fitness program can pair you with like-minded individuals to help push you through that block.

How To Craft Your Own Health Journey For 2019 And Onward

A healthier lifestyle is achieved little by little. It means resisting the urge to buy a donut at the grocery store and it means pushing yourself to jog for just three more minutes. When you’re stumbling down your health journey and not seeing results, a meal plan and fitness regimen can be drafted out with the help of a pro. Losing a mere 5% to 10% of your weight has been proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease, the number one killer in the United States. You’ll also enjoy steadier sleep, a stronger immune system, and better mental health.

No journey looks the same. Start your health journey by reaching out to a gym or coach and asking about a lifestyle diet plan.