5 Types of Road Bikes and Their Unique Features

With the wide variety of models available, it can be daunting for riders to find a bike that works for them. To help narrow down your options, here are a few different types of road bikes available that you can choose from.

1. High-Speed Racing Bike

One type of custom road bike is the aero bike. An aerodynamic design is the most critical feature of the aero/ high-speed bicycle. It has a sports geometry, which allows the rider to lean forward and cut through the wind. As a result, you get more speed with the same effort. Aero bikes typically have a lightweight frame with forks made of carbon fiber. One of our most popular aero bikes is the Ravenel.

2. Hybrid Racing Bikes

A hybrid is a type of custom road bike that incorporates some of the features of a mountain bike. Racing bikes usually do not perform well on unpaved paths, so they have wider tires for stability. However, its tires are not suitable for rough off-road trails.

3. Beach Cruiser Custom Bikes

Cruiser bikes have more stability thanks to their retro-style frame. The term California Beach Cruiser was registered as a trademark in 1976 and they’ve been a hit ever since. Its design incorporates a wide seat with an upright posture that can allow you to lean back.

The beach cruiser bicycle comes in a wide variety of colors and is more stable than a hybrid. They are mean for riding around town or for riding along the boardwalk. The seat and wide tires are designed for a comfortable ride.

4. Endurance Bicycles

For cross-country riding, endurance bicycles offer the best balance between design and comfort. It has a flat bar frame for an upright position which is easier on the rider when on long trails.

One example of a custom road bike built for endurance is, once again, the Ravenel. It has flat tires and steel frames for stability on off-road terrain. Another feature is an endurance road bike is a higher changeability of gears. They may be 14 to 18 speed to allow for pace variations when on the road.

5. Touring Bikes for Long Distance Rides

The purpose of a touring bike is to provide comfort and carry cargo for long trails. These custom bikes have a higher number of spokes to support the additional weight of the load. They also have wider tires for rough terrains.

A touring bike will typically have durable and sturdy steel frames. The geometry of the bike facilitates stability and control. The backpacking bicycle also has a design that offers extra comfort when taking on long trails. The flat bar allows for an upright position, which enables the rider to look around for traffic.

Choose a Custom Bike that Works for You

There are many different types of bikes you can tailor for fitness, commuting, or recreation. Do you want one for errands, motor cross, adventure, or long-distance trails? It is advisable to find a bicycle that fits your needs before considering turning it into a custom road bike. Your local bike shop can help you find the right bike for your needs. For more information on our different types of bikes and accessories, contact your local bike shop today.