4 Tips for Finding a Job After Completing Rehab

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Statistics show that over 7% of adults in the United States have some form of a drinking problem. Many people visit a rehab center to seek help in overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. If you’re in need of employment after completing rehab, you’re not alone. Many people who are preparing to leave a rehab center will enter the job market. Here are four tips for succeeding at a new job after completing rehab at an addiction treatment center.

  1. Finding the Right Job

    You might find that your previous line of employment reminds you of times you want to forget. Completing a drug rehab program is a chance to start your life over again. You may find that are other areas of employment you would like to explore. Many people find that rehab centers provide people with a chance to learn more about themselves.
  2. Create a Professional Resume

    It’s important to tailor your resume to the job you’re looking for after leaving rehab. You don’t want your resume to be too generic or bland. It’s best to tailor past job experiences that relate to the position you’re currently seeking. Many people look to friends and family for help with preparing the right resume. In some cases, you can find local employment agencies that can assist you with resume preparation.
  3. Succeeding During an Interview

    Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive calls for an interview right away. Companies of all sizes could be in need of new workers at any given time. Larger companies may have a larger number of applicants which means it could take a while before receiving a response. You will receive a call for an interview at some point during your job search. It’s important to show up about 15 minutes early to your interview. Certain companies may need you to fill out a form. If you show up with no time to spare, your interview could start late which can leave a bad impression.
  4. Consistency is Key

    A job is a great chance at a new life for people out of rehab. Having a job gives you a chance to become a part of a new community. You’ll find a new job is a great way to get to know fellow employees. It’s imperative that you always give yourself plenty of time to arrive at work for your shift. Managers want to have employees that are excited and happy to be at work.

In summary, there are several tips for having success in the workforce after completing rehab. Many people go to a rehab center to seek treatment from alcohol or drug addiction. Statistics show that alcohol abuse is the number one drug related problem in the United States. Finding a job is important after completing treatment at a rehab center. It’s important to focus on what you want from a future job position. You’ll want to ensure you dress professionally and arrive slightly early to a job interview. Being consistent after landing your new position is crucial. Succeeding at a new job is an important and beneficial part of life after rehab.